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Guest Squirrel

Let me explain this for those that missed it.

Some weeks ago, "someone" created a thread which complained that the Karma system was useless, because it was so very prone to abuse.

That thread then led to other members proving the point, trying fervently to get the most bad karma points. It led to more competition, which resulted in the Karma system being entirely useless.

As for the leaders of Bad Karma, they simply cannot be dismissed. They're the fun ones. They either are like "Big Al" or "Swampy" that posted great stuff frequently, or they have wonderful comments like Moose or TBG. They have street cred around here. They all be mo' fo' bad asses. Every town's gotta have 'em.

I don't "bad karma" anyone (especially newbies) unless they are part of this Bad-Karma-of-Pride circle, since that's off-topic in these other threads.

TBG150- I credit you with a -1 for bringing it up and scaring the innocent young'uns. Thank me. I'd offer you a shot of fine Single Malt Scotch instead but I understand that people in your time zone are too elderly to imbibe without a doctor in the house... ;)

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Old people here? Surely you jest sir. I used to live in the heart of Gods Waiting Room here, but since the Caribbean invasion of all of the scum, the old ones created their own highly secured gated communities 30+ mile north.

We have all of the filth here. What was once the vacation paradise of the United States is now known as the Southern Sewer. All of the turd worlders want to come here. We give them free food, free clothes, food stamps, welfare, little brown Corollas with no floors or brakes.

And they left a shithole only to come here and form another shithole exactly like the one that they ran away from. Why even bother to risk your life on a raft if you don't want to change?

I'd better stop. Some noob will say I'm bitching again, when all I'm doing is spelling out reality.

-1 for you Rodent for getting me started and ruining my vodka buzz.

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Guest Squirrel

Personally, as far as the rear-end goes, I rank Leora, Alina, and Nora highly.  :) They're all in good shape and unlikely to add new trunk space to the back of their vehicles really soon. But perhaps this rear-end concept is strictly a matter of personal taste.

I like mine a bit lighter and more manoeuvrable.

If we're going to rank sovereign states against one another, just remember, I'm closer to North Korea than TBG150, and my government is way more Marxist than even any Western European state could hope to achieve, despite their  own long experience with this horrible ideology.

And another -1 to TBG150 for derailing this otherwise honestly convoluted thread.  ;) (Whatever the thread was...was it about tits and ass or what?...politics? or the threat about Moose showing up and demanding more T&A? ...we old farts get sooooo forgetful!  :P)

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Guest Squirrel

by the way, nice set of tailights

Like that huh?

This reminds me of my high school days, when I worked at a gas station. We'd wait for a Bel Air to drive up, and send the NEW guy out to gas it up. Then we'd watch and laugh while he scratched his head, trying desperately to find the damn gas cap. It was hilarious.

Hints for the kiddies among us:

A.) "Gas station attendant" was an occupation, in which the job was to put gas in a car, check the oil, and wash the windows of each car that drove up. The driver never had to get out of his seat.

B.) Gasoline cost less than 29 cents per gallon for premium.

C.) Many versions of Chevy Bel Airs had a gas cap secretly hidden behind the hinged tail-light assembly. Hence, my response.

D.) When it comes to filling women up, you'll often need to peel back the tail-lights to see what's there.

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Guest Squirrel

53,54,55&56 Cadillacs had the filler behind the left tail light too.

Correct on the '59.

That car is sweet. Reminds me of the country I was born in.

Also reminds me that those fucking fins would impale your ass if you weren't careful...not OSHA approved!

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