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Listen in Leora & Paul's Living room cam


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I have a request for everyone. Go to Leora & Paul's Living room 1 cam, turn up the volume all the way up(hopefully it'll be totally quiet) and tell me if you can he the sound like a phone ringing! I swear, it never goes away. I'm curious if anyone else hears this too. Post your findings. Thanks!

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you are correct about the phone ringing. I have heard it many times, like its in another apartment or something.

        oh, NIck,  did you say something? i"m sorry. Oh well, it must not have been important. your shit never is

Thanks dlar, I almost started trippin, thinkin I was cray-zay! I thought I was trippin once but I was just trippin!

thg, I hear it every time, even when they're home and when they sleep! It's got to be the computer or something in the cam, I'm not sure but I am curious if anybody knows what causes that. Weird.

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