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if you are using Chrome:

Just outside the address bar on the right, you should see 3 white dots.

Click on the 3 white dots and scroll down to settings and click on settings.

On the settings screen, scroll all the way down to the bottom and click on the word Advanced.

On the Advanced screen, scroll down and click on Site Settings.

On the Site Settings screen, scroll down to the word Flash and click on it

Now, what I had to do when I had this problem was to enable the Ask First toggle.

then when you go to a site that uses Flash Player it will give you a pop up asking if you want to allow the use of the Flash Player and you just click on Allow.

I hope this helps because that's the only way i could get it to work for me.

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3 hours ago, bobo5838 said:

getting a message flash player is blocked. any help??? 

However if your chrome version has been updated to Version 76.0.3809.87 (Official Build) (64-bit)-

-Harley's instructions need revising and you have to do this:

On the lock icon to the left of reallifecam.com-

-right click

choose site settings the a new tab appears

under permissions find flash and using the down arrow to the right of the word flash left click and and left click to choose allow

close the tab

you will then have to reload Reallifecam.com by clicking on reload button

The next time you log on to Reallifecam.com you may have to select allow to run flash by right clicking on the lock icon and selecting allow then

reload the page.

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