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Moscow FSB shooting


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Yowsers!  I just saw a news report about some Crazy Ivan that shot up the FSB of all places.  Dude must have gotten ahold of some REALLY bad vodka and have balls made of lead to pull something like that off.  But apparently he now has a body full of lead.  прощай, dumbass!  

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22 minutes ago, sturmchaser said:

I doubt either one.  He will probably remain in Purgatory, forced to listen to Putin's 4+ hour speech.  On repeat.  

That's kind treatment for this gentleman. Usually they'd send him to the hell of their reborn Gulag "re-education" camps, inject him with polonium 210,  or force him to watch CNN 24/7.

Now, excuse me, I must leave now. I need a good laugh., so I'm attending a stand-up comedy routine listening to Uncle Joe's hilarious stories, where chains and rusty knives can be fun.



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