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Who'll be the first to get their Xmas decorations up?

Guest NL Forever

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Guest Squirrel

Ten points for NL Senior on this call. I suspect they'll have all sorts of parties, too.

The other tenant might be Alina (Anton is usually out in the oil fields). She also had lots of Halloween decorations and festivities this year -- and that holiday was nearly obliterated by the Soviet Bolsheviks because of it's religious overtones and foreign importation.

Still, the Barcelona couples will start Christmas about a week earlier if they do anything at all. Nora will probably start sewing elf costumes any day now, even though she's from Eastern Orthodox territory.

Traditional Eastern Orthodox Christmas starts 13 days later (Jan 7th)  than the Roman Catholic holiday, incidentally (Julian vs Gregorian calender). I wouldn't be surprised if Maya and Stepan had their decorations up for many weeks as a reason to party for both.


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Place your bets, folks.....mine is for Maya and Stepan.

Maya has had her tree up for over 10 days now.  You can see the left corner of it from the hall cam before.  It is there though.

Here is a pic from Halloween.  I wished I took a pic during daylight hours now.

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I put up our outside lights on Friday. Mainly because of the holidays I had no work. Maybe next week I'll dig out the stuff for the tree. I put it in the stand and put the lights on it. The rest is wifey's job. I'm too anal about the positioning of the ornaments.  :P

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