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Ever been unfaithful?

Guest NL Forever

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Guest NL Forever

I have considered it, but never acted on the urge.

Except when I was in high school.....

I have often wondered what it would be like to have an affair....

Unless of course you count watching the RC ladies longingly as being unfaithful.....

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That may be the only intelligent thing that he ever said.

As for acting upon it...Think of how you would feel if it happened to you. Females are very different in the thought process as males. Many males think with their dicks. As the saying goes, 'A stiff dick has no conscience.'

Maybe I'm weird, but I look at it in an entirely different light. Would I love to have some 'strange'? Hell yeah. A new woman to see what her kinks are and what she will do. What is she into? How freaky or conservative is she?

But being somewhat of a germophobe, the other questions that I would ask myself are...When did she bathe last? Brushed her teeth? Bad breath? Any gifts that'll keep on giving? Past partners? If she'll jump my bones this fast, how many before me. If I choose to dine at the 'Y', who's dessert am I getting? Yeah, gross I know. But these are the facts.

About a month ago I'm in the local grocery store. I'm in the produce aisle and I'm waiting to get to the lettuce. This girl/woman was fondling every head of lettuce. Try to be polite and indicate that she was to grab one and get the hell out of the way, I just said to her, 'Tough decision, huh?' She looked me right in the eye and said, "I like them nice and firm", and then smiled. She tilted her head to one side. I smiled back and held up my left hand. She smiled again, shrugged and moved on. She was damned good looking. I could have taken her right there on the lettuce bin. It would be at least 6 hours before the wife got home.

Being a good husband, I had to pass it up for the above reasons. And the biggest of them is, I have to live with myself. And I do that well. I sleep good at night right next to her.

As fun as it maybe, the chase is great, but then, what do you do with them when you catch them?

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I once used my left hand... does that count?

You naughty boy - I bet you were thinking of my lovely Nastya whilst you were pulling it off...Bad Bad Bad!!! You are very unfaithful, how dare you think about my daughter in this way.

I bet you were looking at this picture weren't you?

Disgusting.......that is all I have to say to you, young man!!

How very dare you, how very dare you call me a young man!!!  Anyway, if she is your daughter you are too young to be posting in The Old Dudes Board!!!

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Did it when I was young. I don't recommend it. The grass may look greener but sometimes it was ants crawling in it. Yup, took the crabs home to momma. Not a nice thing to do. We ended up split when the kids were raised. Never could get over it. I sure got a good one now and I'd never ever even think about cheating on her. She is NOT replaceable.

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Guest ww_watcher

Nah. Loyal as a puppy dog. About a decade ago my son caught me ogling a young thing in next to nuttin'. He poked me in the arm and asked the wife why she didn't get mad. Her response was, "as long as he is lookin' I know he isn't gay. Don't worry, momma will give him what for later on tonight." and winked at me. He didn't understand but I had a hard time keeping from erecting a tent in anticipation. Who needs an affair.

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