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I'm not sure if that could/can/will be done. Plus, why? As long as there is a place here where you don't have to put up with...Look sex, video pls, pics pls, and the constant drivel of crap that clutters the threads saying the same thing over and over.

Unless one of us is deemed a Mod, there's nothing we can do to change any section of the board. My concern was to be able to remove any posts put here that don't belong. IE; anything other than something written in English that we can read or certain people that want to disrupt the entire board just by being there.

Being a Mod is no fun if you have a board that has to stay clean. This one, like the ones I mod, basically have no rules and hum along just fine. You just have to keep the spammers out which is a full time job on it's own with an open registration. I had one Chinese spammer that posted kiddie porn on one of my car boards. WTF? I sent his entire IP block to the proper authorities. Car boards are not the place for that stuff. They are mostly family boards.

Dads like to get their sons into old cars sometimes. They don't want to turn on the 'Net and see a 6 YO getting sodomized or some crap like that. Sick bastards. They need to be slowly cut up till they bleed out and die.

So let's see what happens. Locking up a place on an open board isn't right. If/when the trolls bombard our little corner, then we'll stand up and protect it. Until then, we'll have their passports scrutinized at the time of posting.

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Guest Squirrel

I think the general Rules of CamCaps should be sufficient. If we see a clear violation of CC's rules, we need to report it to the Mod; so far I've never seen a clear violation in any section of CamCaps (except some jack ass in the Gallery section.) There's no need to burden Admin. Theoretically, we should be the best behaved group on this board.

I think the mature, esoteric, philosophical and acid-trip-flash-back nature of The Old Dudes Board will serve to discourage younger porn seekers from hanging around here often. We are, after all, aging and boring grouchy old men. The young dudes just wanna see pussy.

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