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Erotic Encounters (or false memories......)

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OK guys....a brief trip down Erotic Memory Lane....

Here are a few of mine to kick start the thread....

1. Sitting on the grass in a busy park at the height of summer with my wife-to-be sitting cross-legged next to me in her long summer skirt, my foot slipping underneath and slowly bringing her off with my toes as we watched the passers by.....

2. Driving home in the slow lane of the highway, one hand on the wheel, the other fingering my girlfriend to orgasm in the passenger seat beside me.....

3. Slowly licking my wife to orgasm as she attempted to keep up a conversation with her mother on the phone.....fortunately she hung up before the point of no return  ;)

If you feel like sharing yours then go ahead, if you think it is too pervy, then I will delete the thread and move it to the general Random Discussion to see who takes the bait......  :D

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