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It must be the Weather!

van the man

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I reckon it must be the weather that leads these Russians to live such boring social lives.

A group of young girls in the UK on a Saturday night at midnight would be totally pissed and be out on the pull.

All the girls at Maya's sit on their fat arses and watch TV!

Maya is a terrible host. She gets them to decorate the house and then gets absorbed by her Ipad. No doubt she will wander off to bed leaving her guests to carry on boring each other to death!

By the way Maya's sister (she looks like a fat version of Maya) always wears the same dress. I don't think anything else fits her!!!!

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What else can you do in -30C?

That's what all kids do these days. They claim to have hundreds of friends, but have no clue what they look like or where they live. They all live in a virtual world

To this day I only have 4 real friends. My wife is #1, 27 years, a buddy I met in first grade 49 years ago and two others that have been like brothers since 1975, so about 38 1/2 years.

Not many people have friendships that last like that.

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Guest Squirrel

Once again I agree with Van the Man on all his points.

The people I know who in their 20's are always up to something, and it's always traveling together, camping, throwing parties (very decent ones, incidentally), or even running charity marathons. If it's cold and snowing in the mountains, they're up there skiing.

These girls need to dump their Siberian Husky demeanor, spice themselves up like Leora or Maya, and grab some of the local men, most of whom are probably as horny and plain and bored as the girls are.

Unless these girls are dykes. Which would, of course, make them wildly popular on CamCaps so long as they did it in a free room with the lights on...

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Guest Squirrel

Don't you be slandering my favorite dog there, Rodent.

I assure you I was referring to a particular breed of homo-sapien, not to our esteemed and noble canine friends...%7Boption%7D


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