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It's Christmas Eve (again!!) & Nora's Birthday

van the man

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So it's Christmas Eve in Russia and all our RLC houses seem to be having a typically boring evening once again!!

At Alina is having a party of sorts - well a small number of friends tucking into a bit of food! The rest will be tucked up in bed by midnight!!

Oh and it is Nora's Birthday today. I heard her getting her birthday fuck last night!! Hopefully Kiko will be up for a treat again tonight.

To think baby Jesus and Nora almost shared a birthday. I know if I was making love to Nora I would be shouting out his name at the moment of maximum pleasure - JEEEEESUSSSS CHRISTTTTTTT

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Guest Squirrel

Will do, flying rat.

OH! So you're Kiko! ;)

Well, hell about that! I always suspected you were trained by the old KGB guys, because you write English and understand American car culture so well. And booze. Of course, your penchant for vodka is a dead giveaway, especially when you live in Margaritaville. Tequila still rules that land.

So give our deepest blessings to your beautiful wife, Kiko aka TheBigGuy!  :D :D :D :D

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