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Lora is in the shower

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There is no point in watching this couple if your goal is too see a naked woman. Lora does EVERYTHING she can to not be seen nude on cam, at this point it's natural for her, she knows every spot and every position to avoid the cam.  Not to mention that she bounces around from room to room constantly like she has ADD, which makes it difficult to follow her.  The typical scenario for her is to spend 2 hours doing her hair while moving from room to room for seemingly no reason, and then just when you think you might see something, she'll change facing away from the camera so you that you can't see anything, and then leave. So if you want to spend 2-3 hours watching a woman do her hair and put on makeup this is a great apartment to watch. However, if you want to get even a glimpse at a naked women, it is by far the worst cam to watch.

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