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Ok, I've read lots and lots of your comments on rlc, what I want here is the 'best thing you have seen with our own eyes' on rlc. Girls you've liked and caught doing whatever, wins, disasters. Tell me your best memory from the past. And no BSings each other opinions please.

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I'll start since everyone is chomping at the bit to participate...

To me, and even though i'm not a fan of either of these girls, the best thing to me was the New Years Eve when Irma and Anna had been flirty with each other all afternoon prior to going out to bring in the New Year.  There was in my pinion quite a bit of anxious tension in the air before they left and it left me wondering if it would continue upon their arrival home.  When they finally got home you could tell that both girls were really into each other (I don't know if they were acting or there was something more there) and they ended up in the room that is now held down be the cock hungry Gina.

Once in the room a nice slow seduction started taking place where things were getting pretty heated but Anna just couldn't get over the fact that there were camera's keeping an eye on them 24/7.  Even though it ended almost as abruptly as it started due to Anna chickening out because of the camera's, it was still one of the best things I have ever seen on RLC!

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