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The 60's


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Guest Squirrel

The 1960's were an E-ticket ride.

The politicians all sucked, but the music was terrific, love was free, and humans finally landed on the moon.

It's biggest problem was that it was followed by the 70's.

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I gotta quit posting half asleep. Too many spelling mistakes and incomplete words.

The 50's, 60's and 70's were great times in my life. They sure beat what I'm going through now in the United Socialist States of...America??

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A screwed up period in my life. Got my first taste of poon-tang, graduated high school, started college and married my first wife. Tried a little pot, drank a bunch of beer and hated fucked up hippies. Smoked Camel non-filters and thought I was 10 ft tall and bullet proof. Sure wish I could go back and do it right.

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