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Windows Hard Drive Over 2 TB (Terabyte) Capacity Resolved

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Has one ever bought a Large Hard Drive and get it home to only find out Windows 10 only allows only 2TB (Terabytes) to be used of a Hard Drive that is 3TB, 4TB or even larger. One would think what good is the Hard Drive if they don't get to use the full capacity that it was made for.

The problem is Windows 10 only Formats using MBR (Master Boot Record) instead of formatting the Hard Drive as GPT (GUID Partition Table).   There is an easy remedy to solve the issue. If anyone has any issues with Hard Drives and the Size availability then just follow the following steps and you will have full capacity of your Hard Drive. Please remove any items stored on your Drive to another Drive Temporarily to prevent any DATA loss. 


1. - Right Click the Windows Start Button and Select Run from the Menu.

2. - Then type diskpart  all in one word instead of two words. The CMD (Command Prompt) should appear.

3. -  On the Prompt DISKPART> enter   list disk  then hit enter  This will show a list of Hard Drives your System currently has installed.

4. -  On the Prompt DISKPART> enter  select disk _     Enter your Disk Number on flashing underscore then hit enter  once it's done. 

5. - On the Prompt DISKPART>  enter  clean  then hit enter     This will expand your Hard Drive to its full capacity.

6. -  On the Prompt DISKPART> enter  convert gpt   then hit enter.    Now you can close the CMD (Command Prompt).

All that's left now is go to  the  Control Panel  select  Administrative Tools select  Computer Management.   Then select  Disk Management  and select Format  to set up your Hard Drive.


This Screenshot is an example of what it should look like.


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