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Valera the seamstress

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Guest Squirrel

yes, I saw him sew his jeans with a lot of patience, fittings and alterations! this guy used to take care of clothes girls, maybe it is in the fashion or entertainment?

That is not impossible. So far we have seen several people who are involved in fashion, theater, and modeling ---Nora, Kiko, Vika---; and several who are involved with hair ---Lina, Mark, and Maya. All these people had a friendship or business relationship in common. Even Alma and Isabel are suspected of being South/Central American friends. So far, only Leora and Paul don't seem connected to RLC except maybe they answered the advertisement (that I believe you posted) and might have just done this on their own.

Sooner or later, we might find out if Valera is connected to Vika or her industry in some way.

When I was young, I learned of decent apartments and employment via friends recommendations myself. (But no goddamn cameras! I'm a very shy squirrel.)

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