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Social life or?


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Hey Klaysayfer good to see you are still around.

It's true they all seem to have a poor social life but it seems computer games and mobiles have taken over from real friends. At least Maya has a good circle of friends.

I put a lot of it down to the weather in Russia!!! Popping round to friends houses when its minus 21 degrees is not easy.

The Spanish group are pretty sad. Nora lives an exciting work life in the entertainment, modelling business but the others are just sad people. Who would ever want to be friends with Stefan. He is awful yet Alma is lovely. Isabel is good looking but I know nothing about her.

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Guest Squirrel

Well fucking hell, Mate. It's near 25C here at the moment. Plus mind you.  :-X

I spent yesterday wet-vacuuming up the water from my entire garage floor. I dumped it on my front lawn. I hope the drought police don't fine me for watering my yard on the wrong day of the week.

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I think that -20C is nothing much, in that temperature i walk here in serbia to work, around 20-30minutes in one way. We have here temp from -25C in winter to 40C in summer. That is not excuse to go somewhere or to somebody came over. For me it's harder to go out in 40C. But there is always a car, taxi, itc.

Awful people have awful friend, least they have somebody. Stefan is not the problem, he will anyway be a front of computer if somebody came to Alma.

C = Celzius  ;)

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