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Why did you cancel your subscription?


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Ill start..

Basically all the guys in these cams needs to grow up or RLC needs to find couples who actually has grown up already. The girls seem to be ok (enough) but what the fuck is up with all these computers, mobile phones and video games??

The one girl who I actually enjoyed even if there was not much sex was Angela.. And now she is gone!

Leora & Paul

Leora:  Very cute but a bit childish. Seems pretty good in bed though and a killer body! :)

Paul:    Wow.. Where to start? He is just wrong in so many ways in how he conducts himself....

Lora & Max

Lora:  Dont know much really about them except that they are boring.. Even before pregnancy!

Max:  Dont know much really about them except that they are boring.. Even before pregnancy!

Alina & Anton

Alina:  Really wants the relationship to work. Seems very good in bed and a joy to watch! :)

Anton:  Also! Where to begin? Get off the computer once in a while you big baby!!

Maya & Stepan

Maya:  Killer body, sexy and cute but booring!

Stepan: Just plain boring!

Nora & Kiko

Nora:  One of the best bodies, sexy and awesome to watch in bed. But all to seldom! Boring cam!

Kiko:  Plain, boring guy.. Needs to get some more moves in the sack!

Isabel & Marcelo

Isabel:  Video games, video games video games... Grow up!!!

Marcelo: Video games, video games video games... Grow up!!!

Alma & Stefan

Alma:  I even change camera when they go at it in bed...

Stefan: I even change camera when they go at it in bed...

Basically I have cancelled my sub because Im bored!

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leora/paul:*not many cameras in this appartment and positions not very good

                *paul is bad fucker

lora/max:*very bad cameras positions in bedroom and not many cameras

              *j'm not interesting watching pregnant girl

alina/anton: *the best new appartment but the problem is camera 8 really poor quality in night vision

nora/kiko:*the best bored couple on rlc,nothing energy and depressed couple

isabel/marcelo:*j like this couple but camera 7 is too dark.

alma/stefan:* stefan is the problem,always on computer and strange comportment to alma,j'm your slave!

maya/stephan:*nice girl but the problem is too normal life,work in journey and when they come in appart,

                        there are very tired,go in computer,eat,and sleep.not really interesting watching.

this is all reasons j have cancelled my suscription

                *bored sexual activity,maybe one time per month

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I didn't cancel my subscription. I got banned quite a while ago  ;D

But they are real people - if we turned the cameras on ourselves I bet we wouldn't be very entertaining.

In my youth,.. I beg to differ.    I made things happen,.. If you don't, who will.  And TV!,.. Fuck that shit,.. TV is a thief.   

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I pretty much find all these couples boring. All of them.

I can't really knock these people for spending a lot of time on the comp or playing video games since I do those things too, but none of these people have any hobbies or friends? It seems that some of them don't even work so they're home all day with absolutely nothing to do except watch TV or sit on the comp. That's the problem. Maya/Stepan are the only couple that will have parties but they are extremely seldom. Alina used to have company over and would get drunk but hasn't really done that since moving to the new place.

None of the couples are affectionate. Specifically, none of the men are affectionate towards their women, but I don't really know who to blame for this. Last night Alina/Anton came home from a day out and he immediately jumped on his comp game for a few hours, then when they both sat and watched TV on the couch, he sat as far away from her as possible and didn't even show her an ounce of attention. Sure he was kinda douchy, but she never really complains or puts her foot down. Nora/Kiko annoy me to no end with their lack of affection. Kiko acts more like she's his sister than his girlfriend but Nora, like Alina, never really says anything about it so I blame the women just as much as the men. Keep in mind that this is coming from someone that believes that men don't necessarily have to jump on a woman just because she says "I'm horny", but this sense of dull mundane passiveness plagues all the couples, with the exception of maybe Isabel/Marcel, but they come off more like roommates that fuck a lot rather than boyfriend/girlfriend.

I'm not sure if that answered the question or not but it's the first thing that came to mind so I just went with it.

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NIJ that got me thinking is it only  in the USA the that couples kiss when they get home or before they go out?  I thought that a lap was for a persons head or for a kitty to lay in to be petted.  I do not see any play time with the dogs and cats.  I do not watch a lot so I might be missing something.

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I got so bored that even now when I see one of the girls naked, I just scan on by. If RLC would put some English speaking couples there so we could actually follow along with their lives, it would be a lot more interesting. All they are now are just puppets. Not much interest there for me after the newness wore off. Even when they get new couples, it's kind of interesting to watch them have sex the first time, then they are boring also. I won't pay RLC another dime until they put English speaking people there. If I just want porn, there is plenty free stuff out there.

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The thing is, RLC needs different couples, after seeing couples having sex a few times, always in the same positions, i think people get bored easily.  We should be allowed to vote once per month to have a couple removed from that website.  When i 1st became a member of RLC, there were only 5 couples at one point, and it was even worst than it is now. There was Lora&Max, Nora&Kiko, Alina&Anton, Olga&Sergei and another one on vacation.. It was boring as hell, When Olga left, it was my last month as a member. I will not pay 240.00/year to watch people sleep, eat and play video games.

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I've said this in the past but I think $30 a month in entirely way too much. Sure you get all access to all 8 couples but how many couples do you actually care about? I only care about 3 couples; I damn sure wouldn't pay $30 a month for three couples. RLC needs to update their billing options to only include access to the couples you would want to see.

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