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Fuck is such a versatile word


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The Fucking Disclaimer

If you are offended by the use of bad language fuck off now! Don't read all of this page and then say it annoys you.

Uses of the word Fuck

FUCK is an international word. It doesn't matter where you are in the world, everyone knows exactly what you mean when you say "Fuck Off".

It's the atmosphere it creates, that's why you will never read something like:

"Fuck off", he hinted.

Grammatical Usage

In language, "fuck" falls into many grammatical categories, making it one of the most versatile words in the English language.

It can be used as a verb, both transitive (John fucked Jane) and intransitive (John and Jane fucked). It can be an active verb (John fucked Jane) or a passive verb (Jane was fucked by John). Or an adverb (Jane is a fucking bastard) and a noun (Jane is a terrific fuck). It can be used as an adjective (Jane is fucking beautiful). It may also be inserted into other words (abso-fucking-lutely).

Further Structures

As you can see there are few words with the versatility of "fuck". Besides its sexual connotations, this incredible word can be used to describe many situations.

Greetings            "How the fuck are you?"

Fraud    "I was fucked by the McDonalds Drive Through."

Dismay "Oh, fuck it."

Trouble                "Well, I guess I'm fucked again."

Aggression         "Fuck you!!!"

Disgust "Fuck me!!!"

Confusion, Curiosity or Disbelief             "What the fuck....?"

Difficulty             "I don't understand this fucking thing."

Despair                "Fucked again."

Good Job             "Congratufuckinglations."

Desperation       "Fuckityfuckfuckfuck."

Incompetence  "He fucks up everything."

Disappointment               "This fucking fucker is fucked."

Intelligence       "He's a fucking genius."

Dismissal             "Why don't you go outside and play hide-and-go-fuck-yourself?"

Displeasure        "What the fuck is going on?"

Lost        "Where the fuck are we?"

Disbelief             "Unbefuckinglievable!!!"

Retaliation         "Up your fucking ass!!!"

Laziness               "He's just a fuck-off."

Pain       "Fuck ! that hurt."

Pleasure              "Oooooooh Fuuuuuuck"

Love      "Do ya Fuck on first dates?"

Starting a relationship   "Let's fuck now!"

Surprise               "Fucking hell what was that?"

Admiration         "Nice fucking tits!"

Stupid person   "Dumbfuck!"

Hate      "You Fuck!"

Condemnation "Fuck that shit!"

Disappointment               "That's not fucking fair."

A poker hand     "A Royal Fuck."

Ignorant person               "Fuckstick."

Denial   "I didn't fucking do it."

Perplexity           "I know fuck all about it."

Apathy "Who gives a fuck" or "I don't give a fuck".

Confusion           "What the fuck just happened?"

Resignation        "Oh fuck it."

Suspicion            "Who the fuck are you?"

Panic     "Let's get the fuck out of here!"

Directions           "Fuck off."

Sex         "Let's fuck."

Maternal             "Motherfucker."

Incestuous          "Motherfucker."

Ambiguity           "I'm not so fucking sure."

Agreement         "Absofuckinglutely."

Questioning Authority  "Who the fuck do you think you are?"

Hypocrisy            "Don't you dare fucking swear at me you fucking fucker."

Praising the Lord              "Jesus Fucking Christ."

I have a headache           "Go fuck yourself."

Refusal "Oh you can fuck right off."

Pissed off            "I’m fucked off”

Be quiet               "Shut the fuck up."

You're right        "Fucking oath." (Australianism)

Ostentation       "He's just bought a big, fuck-off Mercedes."

Sensuousness   "She was wearing a pair of red leather, fuck-me boots."

Confidence        "Fuckin' A."

Rage      "Motherfucking fuckers!"

Impressed          "That was fucking amazing."

Oral sex after 30 years of marriage          "Fuck you!" (while passing each other in the hall)

Bewilderment or Ignorance        "Fucked if I know."

Enraged               "I'm gonna fuck you up!"

Annoyance         "Fuck off, fucker."

Annoyance         "For fuck's sake."

Pissed off            "Fuck you, you fucking fuck."

Tardiness            "It's ten-fucking-thirty already?"

Broken down motorcycle             "Sir, the fucking fucker has fucked up on me.

Professional appraisal of mechanical failure      "It's fucked."

Calling someone              "Oy, fuck face!"

Minors  "Fucklings."

Morons                "Fucktards."

Completely naked          Butthefucknaked

Low intelligence              Fuckwit

A name for the penis     Fuckstick (as in "I'm going to jam my fuckstick right up you")

Very good           Fan-fucking-tastic

Thanks  "Fuck you very much."

Exhaustion         I'm fucked!

Useful Acronymns

These may come in handy when space is at a premium.

AYFKM  Are You Fucking Kidding Me?

BBMFIC                Big Bad Mother Fucker In Charge

DILLIGAF              Does It Look Like I Give A Fuck

FA           Fuck All

FFS         For Fuck's Sake

FIGJAM Fuck I'm Good, Just Ask Me

FIIK        Fucked If I Know

FOAD    Fuck Off And Die

FUBAR  Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition

FYYFF    Fuck You You Fucking Fucker

GAGF     Go And Get Fucked

GFY        Go Fuck Yourself

GTFO     Get The Fuck Out

HMFIC   Head Mother Fucker In Charge

HTFU     Harden The Fuck Up

IDGAF   I Don't Give A Fuck

IYGAF    If You Give A Fuck

JFGI        Just Fucking Google It

LMFAO Laughed My Fucking Ass Off

MILF      Mum (Mom) I'd Like To Fuck

NFI         No Fucking Idea

NMFP    Not My Fucking Problem

RTFM     Read The Fucking Manual

SNAFU  Situation Normal All Fucked Up

STFU      Shut The Fuck Up

TOTGAF                Too Old To Give A Fuck

WAFA      What a Fucking asshole

WOFTAM             Waste of Fucking Time and Money

WTF       What The Fuck

WTFIGO               What The Fuck Is Going On?

Sweet FA also deserves a special mention (Sweet Fuck All), meaning "nothing". Another abbreviation is F'ed in the A for (Fucked in the Ass), presumably meaning "taken advantage of" rather than literally shagged in the poophole.


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