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  1. Thank you Ladies please repeat and do much longer...💗
  2. After inventing the dam things, one fact for sure America is the only country on the planet to have used two nukes on humans... NO NUKES ARE GOOD NUKES
  3. Superb Wingtsun... mercy, thanks, greatly appreciated... I only wish that it was my cock instead of her dildo... DREAM ON.
  4. The Iranians are playing with fire as they have restarted their uranium enrichment program again with no restrictions attached. They could of course use this uranium to make dirty bombs or a nuke in which case their future looks bleak.
  5. Shit shirt Sicilia you would not be living in such a nice flat or eating good food under that old regimen (CCCP).
  6. Kate needs a work out, she has put on a few pounds... Viki is a very beautiful lady if only I was a lesbian....😁 Be very careful Viki.. when a male dog smells pussy they become very energetic!!!!
  7. I would like a real time peek at her old apartment and previous life with Paul and her beloved dog just to see what has happened there...
  8. The situation now is with another couple were the man gets to fuck Brenda and his partner just looks on... strange old world.
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