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  1. Also the best album ever in my humble opinion.
  2. FFFMM interesting what is going to happen here then.
  3. Elisa has wonderful long succulent 😛 vagina curtains they run all the way to her arse hole... yum, yum.
  4. A GREAT BIG THANK YOU - More of the same.🥰
  5. Girl in first floor bathroom are they silicon boobies.
  6. Fast asleep by 9.30 - 10 p.m. what is wrong with these young girls... also at Aleksa and Stephanie place.
  7. Some one tell the girls playing darts that the throw is 7 feet nine and 1 quarter to the dart board face and 5 feet 8 inches to the centre of the bulls eye from the floor.
  8. There should be an age limit to stand for El Presidentae of the USA...
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