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  1. Or perhaps it is a gorgeous tranny with a massive dick - Or perhaps it is another lady - Or perhaps it is a high ranking military officer in NATO and Leora is a Russian spy extracting infomation out of him. Who fucking knows.
  2. Life time bans do not help as well. 1 year ban max and a promise not to publish any material again. If a promise is broken then a life time ban should be inforced. There you go RLC take action.
  3. Love to see updated videos.... but most grateful to you guys for uploading. I already had 40 videos in my collection.
  4. The ladies should strap a dick to the Koala that should get Aussie excited watching the ladies shag the bear.
  5. I sense a change ahead for the girls... I believe Leora will leave this year.
  6. Don't know her name but things seem to be warming up a bit.
  7. Girls what have you got installed for us tonight...
  8. She really really really enjoys what she does and is fucking good at it knowing she makes a lot of pervy men wank over her...😁
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