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  1. Guest lady I take it... when they are all on the sofa in the DARK holding hands and cuddles... that is as far as it goes.
  2. I nearly fell of my chair when looking at RLC blurry pics (replay) I thought for a moment Leora was with another lady... Wrong cam... stupid me.
  3. Bring back the girls ... get rid Kali...not a fan.
  4. Threesome coming up... she must be a good screw.. two guys perhaps a DP yet to see this happen.
  5. Very nice looking mature perhaps.. I would, wink, wink..
  6. I wish they would have a threesome with the darked haired Girl friend who visits.😋
  7. Wish you two lovely people all the very best and thank you for the great entertainment over the last few years. Sad to see you go. 😪
  8. I like Nazareth they are a great Scottish band... Lets lightened up here dudes.😁 life is to short to bicker and blast at each other...
  9. Now Nina is going for another cock... or fanny. She did shag with Jules sometime ago in the good ol days when there were three, four and five somes.
  10. Me too, she seems to have lost a bit of weight and got over her skin condition... still lovely nips though😁
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