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  1. If I remember rightly I think he was at home all the time... she told him to get a fucking job and get from under my feet.
  2. Bloody awful IP connection, whirl, whirl stop... sort it out VH. thank you.
  3. Thanks Bonnie and Clyde and guest lady that was fucking awesome... I Love the small lady what a goer and Bonnie you have a lovely ass....
  4. Strange old set up the dark haired bird has a boy friend in the bedroom fast asleep. This guy in kitchen why has his chopper not fallen off.
  5. Technically speaking it is not American English but English American... Dumbal Dorf.
  6. I think I would wank myself to death if I knew that Alisa was in the other room.😁 She has one juicy pussy.
  7. Fear of the unknown... perhaps. God I miss this wonderful lady.
  8. All I can say is FUCK THE RUSSIAN'S who took down these sites.... Leora must be going spare with no extra income... come on VH-TV try and smuggle them out of the country to another location.
  9. Question how many times have you caught your pubic hair in your zipper..... Aaaaaaagh.
  10. Extremely most greatful for the video... it is the first time Leora has let us see what she is watching...Yummy, yummy... and bated for a record length of time... now she needs a play mate (female) for a real good session.
  11. There are two vids on a couple of porn site of her early exploits... I will try to locate them.
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