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  1. Anna and Irma 4 or 5 years ago giving it large well almost.
  2. So a Leora free weekend... what shall we all switch to then. Just watching the lovely cleaning lady at Masha's she can clean my house anytime.
  3. Blimey they are letting Russians back into Germany... 😁
  4. I am glad I went to bed early last night and did not miss a thing... It was a good evening for the ladies but a SHIT NIGHT FOR US PUNTERS.
  5. For a mo there I thought it could be LB. Anyway enough is enough have a good night every one.
  6. It does at the moment look like get smashed and crash...........😴
  7. Alcohol certainly loosens something.. I am waiting for the dancing to appear. Put them specs on.
  8. They must have read when we commented on having wine a few days ago.. go girls lets break that taboo.
  9. Well said Gerald 👏 A very wonderful observation and diagnoses of L&M relationship and prospects... I feel for Malia 100% and hope she finds a happier and fulfilled life after this current situation she finds herself in. As for Leora what awaits her in the near future two options I see await.
  10. I hope they are all lesbians and get invited back to have a big orgy.. 😆
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