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Leora - Home Activities (2022) #34

Slipper Guyquad

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Beaucoup de textes Leora ?

J’espère que ce n’est pas quelqu’un qui essaie de s’excuser...


Ce sera, n’est-ce pas.


Bonsoir Guyquad

 Peut-être qu’il essaye de nouveau la recontacter sachant que Paul ne peut pas venir ?

J’espère que non

Se soir je vais être raisonnable je vais me coucher de bonne heure

Bonne soirée

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3 minutes ago, patou said:

Good evening Guyquad

 Maybe he's trying to contact her again knowing that Paul can't come?

I hope not

Tonight I'm going to be reasonable I'm going to bed early

Have a good evening

I don't know but i will say that the call he made earlier was no surprise to me at all. And if it is him texting, then she is saying a lot back. Like you, i really really hope not. But i'm very wary.

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Just now, blue is the colour said:

Not knowing the history of LB who is Russian or how long he has been in Czech Republic or has been a resident I do not know but what I do suspect is he already has a girl friend and my wish would be that he fucks off back to Russia ASAP. 🖕

He's not Russian.

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