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Karol & Kos (2023) #2

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31 minutes ago, happyone said:

Karol been sleeping on floor, Kos in bed, Kos goes to B7 party alone without Karol.

Trouble in this relationship????

isn't every relationship from time to time?

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Most probably , it is too much heat and there are troubles dealing with it .. this couple has shown that they are more than dedicated to one another , even if there was trouble , the relationship is very very strong and they would find the right way to solve issues .. but it doesn’t Jean that they need to do continuously all things together , Kos felt like going to B7 and Karol staying behind , it simply happened and also with the sleep . These are never issues for good relationship couples . 

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4 hours ago, Keen Observer said:

Interesting that she's sleeping on the floor and not him.  

Some nights they sleep in different beds. Sometimes Karol goes to the guest room and others Kos, since Leia's are still there and she might return some day from her trip Karol didn't used that bad. iirc she only slept there once since Leia is gone.

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