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Wedding Bands (Rings)


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Has anyone else noted that almost all of the couples are now wearing wedding bands ?  In Europe and Russia the custom is to wear your wedding bands on the RIGHT hand as opposed to the USA where we wear them on the LEFT hand ?

Wonder if RLC has requested that the couples appear to be married ?

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    Yes, the customs for wedding rings are different between cultures. I once watched for this, but realized that engagement ring usage also varies.

    This subject has come up before, perhaps a year and a half ago. I'm more tempted to believe a wedding ceremony picture of them in marriage garb hanging on the wall.  And that's about as much certainty I've placed in engagement/wedding rings since Alma & Stefan broke up.

    Since no tenants that I've seen wear toe engagement/wedding rings, I can assume that none of the tenants are from the Hindu culture.

Worth the observation, though. It's data.

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