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Are Wolf and Margo the new Dick and Jane?

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For those who are not familiar with Dick and Jane, they were a very popular Russian couple who lived in Moscow.  Supposedly they were swingers, and traveled to other cities to meet other like-minded couples.  In Moscow, their apartment and bed was often frequented by boys and girls younger than themselves.  They visited Rome, and Masha.  From Masha's standpoint, it was a visit that provided life-long memories.  She could not get enough of Dick's dick.  Their apartment closed with all the other Russian apartments.

I now view Dick and Jane as apex predators, with few boundaries, bringing into their apartment any and all from whom they sought pleasure.

IMO, from their actions this past week, it appears that Wolf and Margo have few boundaries.  Margo can fuck whomever she wants, no different than Wolf.  They have now brought in a new participant, Neytiri, with whom they apparently have a sexual history.

Three nights in a row this week, Wolf and Margo are at the center of a leather and bondage show.  First in B-4;  the next night a bondage and leather photo shoot in B-1 with Amalia and Mati.  Interesting  choice of a location, as Shantal, Megan, and Octavia were spectators.  Wendy was there without Wayne.  I am quite certain she was paid by RLC for this appearance.  I would not be surprised to see her again at a future show in B-4 or B-7.

IMO, Sara is an important ally.  On Tuesday night, she seemed to be Neytiri's guide.  Both may have had bigger roles if the visiting guy who was paired with Margo had managed to conquer his erectile dysfunction.  A sextet of sex, rather than what became a most excellent threesome.

Their role as the new Dick and Jane may explain the strange, one-day visit by a previously unknown couple to B-7 a few weeks ago.  Fior was their chauffeur apparently, and he seemed nervous in their presence.  Having Fior drive them and Wolf and Margo around indicates they were apparently not from Barcelona.  On this visit, Nelly and Bogdan were largely out of the picture, so to speak.  On the terrace Wolf rested his arm on the back of the chair of the guy, in which this guy was sitting.   Unusual body language and familiarity if this guy is your big boss. That is, this guy is a senior manager of RLC, or one of co-owners.  IMO, Wolf is being overly friendly, --unless the guy is there to strike a deal with Wolf and Margo on the nature of their future participation.  That is, RLC sees them as the replacement for Dick and Jane, and they are to engage in the type of promiscuous behavior carried out by Dick and Jane.  If my hunch is right, they both will be around for a while, and Sara too.

We may know more in the next few weeks.  Will there be shows with Neytiri, Amalia and Matt, Wendy, Karma, Nadia, others?  Cecelia and Lali participated in the B-4 show.  After Lacrim leaves, will he be replaced by a guy or a girl?  If they were auditioning Margo's partner, he failed the audition.


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