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Obama State of the Union "Tired Old Phrase" Poll


Which one of the following tired, boring, stupid phrased will be used the most by Obama Tuesday?  

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  1. 1. Which one of the following tired, boring, stupid phrased will be used the most by Obama Tuesday?

    • Extraordinary
    • Fair, fair share
    • Make no mistake
    • Let me be clear
    • Invest, Investing

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The downside of playing this game is that you actually have to pay attention to what that fellow has to say tomorrow and keep score.  I suppose one could download the text of the speech after it's over and then do a word-search to identify the winning phrase, so one should vote right away -- before the speech -- so you can root for your chosen chunk of crap oozing from The ShoeShine Boy.  Go for it.

Voting will be closed at the start of the speech.

Personally, I was going to go with "Extraordinary" with a bonus guess at Ten Times during the speech.  But I think that I'll change my selection once I post the poll.

Vote NOW !!!!

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I hate the mother fucker so much I can't even make light of it. 

To me, he's just a punk! 

But I guess he managed to get that sheltered, suburbia putz, John Roberts quaking in his pants.

"Oh yes sir Mr. President, please don't have your goons brake my legs,.. I'll do whatever you say sir."

The lying prick said he would have the most transparent administration in history.  And that was the only time that he ever told the truth.  For on day one, even before he even took office I saw right through him.

Nothing but a con man, and schemer, with deep Muslim roots.  That's what inhabits the White House right now.

Maybe the cocksucker will come out and do a little soft shoe, or a tap dance for us.  Oh wouldn't his Hollywood groupies just go positively ape shit over that.  I could just see them now with their sweaty palms applauding wildly.   

And just what kind of a name is Barack anyway?    It probably means, 'Found under a rock'.    BARRRRACK

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"Going forward, I'm shore all the experts agree that we shudn't  be listenen ta those whose only desire is ta obstruct the policies that I and my staff have worked so hard ta develop by replacing it with the greedy wisdom of a worn-out past. There even some who say we must chain ourselves to the unbending rules of logic, but yet going forward I will stand firmly for the good of the hard working people of this cuntry ."

1) The word "I" will be repeated many times.

2) "Experts" will be unnamed, but they all agree. On everything.

3) Besides just the word count, also consider the use of these devices:

  - ignoratio elenchi,

  - argumentum ad hominem

  - petitio principi

  - non-sequitur

  - post hoc ergo propter hoc

  - non causa pro causa

You'll see these often. Do the shots with the fallacies; do the chasers with each cliché, and the next morning take 5 aspirin or hook up the morphine drip. You, and the national debt, will both need it. I'll be watching a movie with my friends Nora & Kiko instead.  8)

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You forgot the number one, most popular, insistent and omnipresent Leftist fallacy and manipulation device of all:

Post hoc ergo propter hoc

"Since I have been in office, just a we promised, the ice caps have begun to grow again.  Today, they are more than twice the size they were when we came into office.  But there is so much more to do! [pause for applause]"

But he is not to blame, in reality.  He is a stupid puppet, an affirmative action college, university, and law school putz. 

Notice that they always say that he was "president of law review" at Harvard Law.  That's like being the President of the Soviet Union or Iran.  The person in charge at law review is the Editor, not the president.  No, the villain here is the American system that permits people to vote who have no skin in the game.  The basic idea was for land-owning tax-paying men to vote on behalf of their families in state elections and those state bodies would meet and elect a president.  Not no moe Jackson.  Now even the illegal aliens line up to vote.  "Lets see, should I vote for or against a bunch of free stuff?  Let me think.  Hmmm.  I guess that's a yes!"  Why not?  You don't pay any taxes, you own nothing, you have no job, you are a mushroom living off the body politic so hell yes, you vote for free stuff.  That makes you an asshole.  How do we spell asshole?  D e m o c r a t

"Democracy means everybody gets to vote!"  Cool, sez me.  I vote for $1.00 gasoline at every pump.... by law. 

"Oh no, Bunkie, that won't work.  It costs more than that to made the stuff and what about all them there taxes and such?"

"You're mistaken, Muffin!  Just make it the law and they will have to comply or go th jail.  Think how great it will be to fill up for under twenty bucks, Muff!"

"Yeah.  But what if they go out of business?  Then what, Buckaroo?"

"Are you some kind of Republican Faux News lying cunt with all those racist facts or what?  All you care about is the 1% people, Muffin.  But it's not your fault; your M&P are rich and you suffered from White Privilege.  Poor Muffin.  You need reparations."

The ShoeShine Box has never really been America's president.  He's merely a placeholder until a real American steps up to fix the mess he's made."

No, the culprit are all the post-racial fucktards who wanted to feel good about themselves by voting for some clown nobody has ever heard of.  Saul Alinsky was the organ grinder and Barry Sortero was the monkey with his little hand out. 

American had to get over that white black thing.  Okay.  Done.  Now are they looking to place the same game with the bug-eyed bitch?  Gee, maybe if Hillary gets elected, she and Bill can send the B2B's back over Serbia and kill civilized Europeans to impress the Muzzie Monkeys again.

That's what you get when you have an electorate who majored in Feelings.

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We are now just minutes away from first contest of the afternoon.  Lining up in the pole position is “Extraordinary” which received zero pari-mutuel wagering, nor did “invest/investing” starting out of gate 5.  All of the imaginary wagering was equally divided between “Fair / fair share,” “Make no mistake,” and “Let me be clear.” 

The flag is UP, and remember to hold all tickets until the results have become official. 

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All joking aside, because he wants to raise taxes on everybody, the most frequent word / phrase, will be Invest / Investing.

But the other options were fun.  Fair, a few, Let me be clear, maybe once.

Nice things are so predictable.

But if you are serious about watching what terms are used by which presidents in their SOTU addresses, this is a fun link:


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Yeah, I addressed that earlier.  We no longer educate our students, we indoctrinate them into (1) a fairness obsession; and (2) a personality cult deifying one left wing ass after another.  They're all perfect, don't you see.  Who is the next to be deified by the Democrats?  The bug-eyed mental case or the squaw? 

Anyway, this evening, if you are keeping count, my guess is that the word(s) "invest" and "Investing" etc. will be repeated at least a dozen times. 

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And just as Karen has alluded to.  He doesn't inspire anyone to get off their lazy asses, and to try to accomplish something that might improve their own lot in life.  But rather he tactically appeals to their deep seeded jealousies over those who have done well in their lives instead.

And yeah, you do wonder what's coming next concerning the Democrats.    Maybe another Wiener type, who will then send all the young girls in this country a signed picture of his presidential dick. 

What a party of creeps they have become.

"The bug-eyed mental case, or the squaw?"  LOL!  Love it!

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Well, invest and investment ran a good race, but fair (fairness, fair share, fair shot, etc.)  won the race going away.  Depending on your count, it appears that we got a mere three (3) invest/investment repitions and a whopping eight or nine fairnesses. 

Lots of proposals, but he decided not to mention how he is going to pay for all the freebies he's planning to distribute to the fairthull.  He said he will send a budget over that will reflect how he will do that (capital gains tax, death tax, etc.)  He did make one slip, however, which showed where his mind is going:

"And let's close the loopholes that lead to inequality by allowing the top one percent to avoid paying taxes on their accumulated wealth."

Our Constitution allows the government to tax our income but not our assets.  That is what is commonly referred to as "Communism."

Did anybody else hear him say that?

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I didn't watch the mother fucker.  I can't stand to look at him!  But I could have told you he would use the fairness, ie jealousy tactic in his bullshit speech. 

It's quite simple really,.. He hates America, and all that it once stood for.  And he'll do anything he can to weaken it, militarily, financially, and morally.  Dumb down the gullible populace, and bring them under his parties yoke. 

Remember what his cunt wife once said,.. "I was never proud of this country until this moment."  That was the day this liar, her husband, first got elected.    So for all the good that this country has done for other countries, not to mention the great generosity in aid that the people of this country have always shown towards those who have suffered from Natural disasters in other parts of the world.  And this bitch never had cause to be proud of this country?  Then why don't you and that wanna-be dictator of yours get the hell out of it then? 

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