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Anton doing a striptease for his woman

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Guest plain_jane

There is something very very ridiculous seeing in a jerky picture a naked guy with an erection dancing naked in the candlelight. 101% cringe. Good job though SanPer, sorry you had to compile this gif. :-[

If that was Alina doing that you'd be drooling want to kiss the screen.

Well, perhaps, although she is not quite really the style of women I like. Now, wouldn't it be a jolting surprise for all of us if Alina was doing the stripping and dancing and if she were the one with the penile erection. The hidden crowd of trap lovers would drool to kiss the screen. But RLC masters are conservative. There is a large potential crowd to cater and they won't stay forever seeing Russian guys doing monkey dances for semi-interested females. Just my 2c

PS I would be unpleasantly surprised seeing Alina with a penile erection. She's cute after all.

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