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RLC Foot Fetish - Who has the best feet?

Guest shcjj

Who has the best feet on RLC?  

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  1. 1. Who has the best feet on RLC?

    • Leora
    • Nora
    • Monica
    • Kamila
    • Maya

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I have no pix, but I love sexy feet.

And it may just be you and I discussing them. I've tried to get it going in the past, but it seems most are ass and tit people. Our fetish you can satisfy just walking down the street.

The post image pix will be gone in under 24 hours. It's best to use the "Attachments and other options" link right under the text box. They will always be here then.

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What about the rest of the girls in the apartments? Don't they count? Alina has some cute little pink toes, square in shape but not all bent up and gross.

Diana? Barely ever get to even see her, let alone her feet.

Dasha? Same as above, but they look rather strange.

The first 2 lezzies, no clue.

Adriana, Veronica, Butchie of the other 2 lezzies and either Monica or Kamila. I just don't really get to see them. Curly has some suckable toes and a footjob would feel good by any of them.

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I'm a pretty face guy. I can't help you. I must delegate "best feet" decisions to my staff of experts, and you two are now the staff.

The job pays peanuts, but if you excel in your work, maybe I'll toss you down a pecan or two as a Christmas bonus... ;D

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Some more Leora Feet side on.


I agree,Leora has nice feet,but the way her and Alina take care of their feet,they must be nice and soft,and Alina knows how to 'use' her feet,lol.But to say who has the sexiest feet is judged by your own standards,just like a fine ass,or face,it's all different tastes,i just appreciate a woman who knows how to tease AND satisfy,and takes care of herself.
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