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They have Visitors!

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Several people visiting them. I see Demid, Dasha and several others.

They also have an automatic weapon. Maybe some sort of assault rifle, AK-47?

Dasha is looking really nice, dressed all in black.

Does anybody know when Dasha and Demid left their apartment?

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So, This  could actually be a first for  us... 2 current RLC couples in the same place?

just thinking about it... I don't think it's ever happened before.  I know Lina and Mark visited Maya and Stepan back in the day  but that was after lina and mark left the project.

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LoL. Girlfriend (man in shorts) - was generally not aware of thought that the usual party. They took her to the balcony and explained how to do. She is not happy about this (cam RLC).

But they had a dialogue with a friend:

We must stay!

No, I'll sit a little and go.

No, we have to stay here. Do not think about it (cam RLC), just tell about nothing (may be no adress/real name/tel/id VK).

And another LoL dialogue:

Did you work today?

Yes, came an hour before you!

Hard for you, to work and go from work home ;D! (about RLC)

I wonder what is object Egor is taking macro photographs.

Sold poorly AK. They take pictures of rust and chipped to create a claim to the seller.

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