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  1. @gnumar you are my new idol, friend! I thank you for your precious contributions! You're too big!
  2. And continue... Is there someone who is realizing this?
  3. And I have not appointed him at any time of the night. It was him speaking ill of me behind my back.
  4. Friend, perhaps the terms are not correct, perhaps it would be better as Nazi behaviors, but do not know what it is when this person is putting you to the limit, I hope you do not have to check someday.
  5. Are you threatening Me? Hahaha do not know who you're playing.... I said if I offended someone, not you! I keep thinking the same about you in case you've given yourself up.
  6. I could teach you insults and threats on your part but I'm not like him. I've just had enough of this guy. I call you Nazi, because if you don't think like him, he acts like a dictator, not because he is. And I'm done with this discussion. I'm sorry if I offended someone.
  7. By the way, I'm still with mine and it seems that there are people who are told by much to ignore me or not talk about me behind my back... They can't stop... I'm in love with Leonie, I love, sensual, beautiful, amazing overall. To put a small but the end of sex has been traced to Dominessa and Daniel, Rimbjob, swallows and then caresses the legs with their fingernails. It's not bad, but it's better to act like it. I will finish the sentences as many times, this is my opinion
  8. I'm glad to hear this plum!!! You know that I have never disrespected any tenant, I have only given my opinion, but the answer you are giving this person is going to take it as a direct attack on his person. I just gave my opinion on Daniel and since then he's done nothing but crucify me!!! I do not know that power has this person or how it is related to Vh but it is very clear that if you do not think like him, you're finished! Fortunately I have people like you and much more that supports me
  9. Forget about that friend! Nothing going to different is going to happen here that we haven't seen already!! Everything is already seen with Daniel and Dominessa! Pure Fake Theatre!
  10. Right!! Totally misleading again!!! Maybe another little fake theater tonight...
  11. I told you to ignore me but I see that you can not... inform yourself before all this ignorant!!!
  12. And by the way, I also think that Sergio and Melissa have a lot to thank for Alexandra's appearance in her apartment!!! They were more dead than alive... I think they're not behaving anything right with her and I think they should talk about the situation. Until very recently, they were inseparable and now they seem more than strangers. This doesn't work!!!
  13. Exactly!!! I was hoping someone would respond to this. Neither Anna nor Alex are the creators of anything!!!
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