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  1. Ulyana is incredibly beautiful, sensual, hot.... I'm completely in love with her!! Her beautiful smile, her sweet voice... and his wild sex!!! Girl completely perfect less for one thing, to be with this stupid type of Marat! Ulyana, be free, you deserve it!!! I haven't felt like this with a RLC girl since Kamila For years. Now that she's gone, my favorite is clearly Ulyana.
  2. And What's the most exciting thing that can happen in this apartment tonight? That Juliet and her boyfriend fuck somewhere in this apartment? Maybe Lisa and Grant will fuck or have another new fight? Nadia masturbating in the bathroom? This can be done by everyone in your apartment, no need to come to revive an apartment that has been dead since it opened! The only thing that would make me happy would be an exchange between them or that Juliet's boyfriend or Grant would fuck Nadia or Leah!!!
  3. With a girl like Dominessa I was going to be playing silly video games!!! Never!!! I Couldn't stop touching her and fuck her all the time, until my dick fell into pieces!!!
  4. Dominessa is perhaps the best or the best of VH. I'M in love with her, it's amazing!! He Just has a glitch, being with this guy, Daniel, is hurting her and she doesn't seem to notice. Daniel is too possessive with her, we all realize that she would like to take more prominence in the quartets, however it is Daniel who has taken the best parts with other girls. Dominessa should fly alone and enjoy the life that is taking away this child!
  5. Hello, is my team or tonight VH is fatal with continual frostbite? Someone else is wrong?
  6. These Two (Lisa and Grant) mostly Grant disgust!!! They Shouldn't be on VH. They'RE sick!!! I don't want them on VH, maybe Lisa alone yes, I ask Grant's immediate expulsion!!! This is Not the first time this has happened!!!
  7. For Some, Nicole and Karl will be bored, for others will be wonderful. There is the diversity of opinions, but we should never forget that they are the only real couple of VH.
  8. I'm Not surprised that RLC has more visitors than VHTV but 75 million? Are We crazy or are they cheating on us? All I know is that VHTV when he started I had everything to succeed, in the direction that were I saw them in a short time ahead of RLC but... Because of bad, very bad decisions and the direction they have wanted to take, for me they have ruined the project, everything they had built. They are Not dead, there will always be people who enjoy this show but are poorly oriented.
  9. I'M Going to be like Jabbath!!! We long for Alexandra!!! Please Come Back!!!
  10. In short, VH style girls apartment with completely crazy parties and fun? YES Apartment of girls type RLC Barcelona (bored and with nothing to offer) NO!!! People of the place of residence or I do not care, I want to see is an apartment for women or even men who live there, make parties like everyone and have crazy nights as we can have all the young people in their daily lives.
  11. This is what happens to me with Lisa, by the time she does something that is really worth seeing, she has fucked up another 10 times as in these images (forced, unrealistic and implying that she does not do her life, she does it all for the money she receives from VH). The other day I loved what he did with Nadia, but after this confirms that everything does for the business. Sorry, in your day I liked Lisa, now no longer!!!
  12. Don't Jabbath, I don't want that either, I want a balance, but I need some excitement. I Do Not mean that they have to do things they do not want to be forced by VH but if some emotion please!!! Many of the ones that I have left in VH also have to do trios or quartets completely forced or without interest, Is that VHTV has changed so much that there is no longer a middle term friend!!!
  13. I Think I have already explained Jabbath, I am no one to say who deserves or not to be in VH, but as a spectator I can give my opinion and my opinion is that they have been like the furniture of your apartment, since they came to him. It has been absolutely nothing that can say ooo what a surprise!!! Nothing at all!!! For that I think that VH can save that rent money and invest in improving or bring new and better tenants. The main problem is Vh, but there are plenty of tenants.
  14. I Just think Trixie and Leah don't deserve to be at Vh. There's nothing nice to see that happened in that apartment. They have to go and leave their place to couples like this or as Isa and Bart, etc....
  15. I already want an apartment for this couple of guests. I like Her very much, nice face and nice body, hot!!! Please, Trixie and Leah out of VH now! Just starting with them...
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