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  1. This guy has to be Ilka's brother because it's strange that there's only one guy and they're in their underwear... she's a boring nun and nothing interesting will ever happen in this place.
  2. Tonight was perfect for this sofi girl to lose her virginity, without parasites in sight and again has wasted it! How many more opportunities do you have to give him? Get out of here!
  3. This Sofi girl eats the boy invited to kisses and touches in the room under the sheets and then goes out to smoke and not even rub! Sofi is worthless, or you lose your virginity at once or leave the apartment now!
  4. Well, I see that the parasites have disappeared at least tonight since they had been installed in this apartment for about two weeks in a row so the ticket sent to support and the subsequent offline at least served for this which was the main thing. I still see that these people have gone on full strike, so they only have one fate, disappearing from VH.
  5. The guest guy touches Eva's pussy a little under the sheets, four kisses and now he starts to see the mobile phone with the other guest guy... Pathetic!
  6. my dear country Turkey
  7. When are you going to end this guest shit and get to work? They're all nursery kids and they don't deserve any to be here!
  8. What little they do in several weeks and all in the dark and under the sheets! And besides the other stupid guy in bed with them annoying continuously! You can go fuck yourself now!
  9. Boy raising his head. What do you mean? Explain yourself better!
  10. If Eva's with this guy invited, why don't everyone else get out of the apartment? I want to see what they've been doing for several days under the sheets but undercover! No sheets! They're in a voyeur place, not in the schoolyard!
  11. I don't understand what you mean. Can you explain yourself better?
  12. I don't mind being criticized but... this apartment is a fucking shame! Someone should draw their attention as they have done absolutely nothing! They have only brought people here who don't contribute anything and there's not even any interaction between Helena and Serj that are the main tenants!
  13. Forgive me, Groomy, I know you understand the language, but how do you know they're not swingers? Have you commented on it in front of the cameras or Beverly and Hugo? Or it's just assumptions... On the other hand I loved the two girls from a few weeks ago and you are right that something happened between them and Beverly, because you have to remember that Hugo fucked one of them and another previous girl... The problem here is always Beverly!
  14. Yes, my friend! I've assumed that already! But you know I don't care what other people say! I will be accused of being repetitive but the phrase you have described here, if you don't like this apartment why look at it if you have 36 other apartments, it's like the description of real people living real life for VH but in this case for Camcaps... there's nowhere to grab him! You know who bites a part of their body has only one option, scratching!
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