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  1. At last Alisa fucks another guy and much better than the other! I hope this is cintinue like this and there are many more different types.
  2. I'm sick of hearing this nonsense! I haven't seen the cake but I'm sure you deserve it and many more! She's not unstable! Leonie is proven to be much more sociable with her friends than Barney is. Barney is completely antisocial, overbearing and stupid. The big problem here is Barney and no one else! Leonie doesn't deserve a guy like this!
  3. Amazing! Even Alisa becomes completely boring now on VH! I would like this guy to leave the apartment once and for all so that Alisa can bring in other different types to fuck them. This is boring!
  4. I don't know, but it's the best I could do! She's not happy, at least with Barney's filthy fool! I just hope he leaves Barney for good, but he doesn't leave VH. she will be happy and free. Barney is the person who should leave VH, it's not worth anything and he's not realizing what it's like to lose a WOMAN like LEONIE!
  5. Everyone will have their tastes but I don't like Kira, it disgusts me!
  6. I wish it was Emily! It would be a dream come true! Unfortunately it's not Emily but I'm glad it's Nina! It's good to see you fucking again! What I don't understand is that Kira, the owner of this apartment and the one that is plenty everywhere! I don't like it, I wish Kira didn't exist!
  7. I'm sorry Jabbath, but I don't agree. With all due respect but they have become very predictable and very boring and their sex is far from the passion with which they did it at first. They wanted to take their show to another level and they haven't done it themselves. I think the hot guests could appear in any of the other apartments and perhaps with more interaction between the participants since many of them sure feel uncomfortable simply watching other couples have sex. I would definitely not like to have a couple next to it simply by looking and not even interacting with each other. I think your stage here is over for the moment.
  8. By the way, Krista is beautiful but tonight she's especially pretty! I like Krista more and more!
  9. Jabbath, if you feel uncomfortable, the first thing you do is not participate in that, let alone in front of the cameras and thousands of spectators. That was premeditated in advance to try to create another type of spectacle, the problem is that if you do not know how to maintain it, the expectations are too high then expectations that they created because they wanted, neither more nor less! The problem is not only that, the problem is that they hardly have sex between them, a little blowjob and period! And I also think they're just doing it by trying to do something for the viewers. I think they've entered a loop they can't get out of, and my advice would be to abandon the project or at least for a while until they're ready for the show that's VH. Nothing else! Greetings.
  10. What a bitter face Melissa has over! She no longer enjoys, she wants to fuck more guys but she doesn't because Sergio later constantly reminds her of her in bad ways and with bad words. I dream of the possibility that the day will come that Melissa will be free to do whatever she wants and with whomever she wants! She's clearly not happy!
  11. Does anyone have connection issues too? For a little party they have been doing for so long and trouble...
  12. But... there's been a quartet or there's been nothing? Isn't there a single picture?
  13. Do you take the time to open an apartment just when Alisa has a stable BF? Who came up with this shitty idea? Pufff another shit apartment! I want Alisa in her own apartment but no stable BF. I want to see the Wild Alisa with a different guy every day, otherwise it will be another more ignored apartment.
  14. No, i don't think so in part. First of all because I think Leonie is more "adventurous", much more so than Dominessa and secondly because Barney has already fucked other girls in Leonie's absence. That's why they're not comparable to D-D. Although the two of them together I very much doubt that they'll do anything out of the ordinary with Clarice and Sean. By the way, the best thing Clarice and Sean can do currently, get out of there because nothing is going to happen!
  15. Honestly, Barney "kills" everything! All the fun there is, Barney will completely spoil it! You can't be more antisocial! I think it's because he knows perfectly well that with Leonie there, he won't be able to do anything with Clarice or any girl who is the only thing he expects!
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