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  1. And why don't you stop for yourself and everyone else? I don't know what the reason for this "fight" with Amy nor do I want to know but right now you're taking away all sorts of reason with this action! There may be people who agree with you and others who don't or even tell you anything but to deprive everyone who doesn't think like you in this forum for seeing your pictures is very tracking Jabs for not calling it otherwise! It's very simple, you don't like what you read about someone, ignore it but don't pay for it with everyone who wants to see this free and united forum, a greeting.
  2. As it has not spoken, I have already sent reports to the moderators and I hope that they will act immediately as Jabbath is no moderator of this site and cannot have him or anyone else this kind of choice or privilege. If you don't want certain people to see your images, just don't post anything! This is narcissism and abuse of a power you shouldn't have, a greeting.
  3. Well, I see that VH lately is not worth seeing but I always believe the hope of seeing this forum completely united... Now I see that it's revenge for other people, or for child discussions or whatever, it seems that some people are willing to ruin how little we had. It's a pity sincerely... power only ruins people!! Jabs, I hope you reconsider for a moment what you're doing, we already know a lot of the power you have in this forum and on VH, don't ruin it for nonsense and be a little humble, it's advice.
  4. This guy has already fucked in this apartment that I remember with the blonde girl with beautiful curly hair and another girl so you can compare it to Derek's style but with only 5% of the total conquests.
  5. No pictures of fucking the new girl? I guess it's because Raul makes you the same disgust that makes me...
  6. Another stupidity to add to your account! What kind of electrical installation have you seen in Spain that doesn't have a grounding? Do you really need to see a third hole in a socket to know it's grounded? I want to understand that yours is just ignorance and I am not going to disqualify your UK because I honestly like it very much. If you don't want to watch a conference on electricity in your country by Spain because you think we're retarded, don't see it, but don't insult a country's intelligence out of your own ignorance, a greeting.
  7. They say the heart does things that reason doesn't understand! Well I am like that and I do not regret, I move by impulses, I move by beats!
  8. I completely agree with you, Amy! Everyone knows what they feel inside of themselves and is free to do whatever they want, whenever and wherever they want! But I think that in VH currently it is very difficult to define many tenants, we are only guided by what we see and there are many difficult situations to understand, if it is real... if they're acting... at least for me!
  9. Budda, this particular to this I meant yesterday! As long as there are people in this forum who justify and protect tenants and their performances in this way, nothing will change! This is a lost war at least until VH management says enough! That's how far we've come! Something that won't happen as long as there are people happy to pay in a porNO site see ing anything. I haven't thought about subscribing to VH for a long time... although I have a good time in the forum listening to a lot of nonsense..
  10. Budda, as long as there are people in this forum who continue to defend tenants to the fullest and also pay for it even if tenants like these do absolutely nothing, more and more will happen and even in the openings of new apartments. If I was a tenant right now I wouldn't worry about doing anything, why do I do something if I'm going to have the same privileges as someone else who does nothing? This is the first thing you have to change!
  11. Too many definitions in this case for the sexual orientation of these women c&D. I just take a go for what I see and feel! I mean, Aleska and Sthephanie aren't bi, they're completely straight but they know that if they don't do that "paper" too, they wouldn't play any kind of game and surely they'd already be out of Vh. I can honestly believe them if they get to do a whole threesome with some guy. The same goes for Kira and Emily, complete or nothing, the rest... False!
  12. It seems that Sergio and Melissa have only the alternative to try the old guard to do their job, the work they don't do. The old guard with Alexandra yesterday and today with Minnie and Aaron and Alisa's precious wild card. The old guard, those who never failed them but yet they decided to kick them out of VH to somehow fail with Isa and Bart, Leonie and Barney, those they couldn't keep by their side! The twists that give life and the blows that remain to be received.... I feel like I repeat myself but any of the guests deserve more to be on VH than Melissa and Sergio! For those ultra defenders, quiet, it's just my opinion!
  13. I'm so sorry for Stephanie's pain, I hope she recovers soon! And I really like the relationship with Aleksa, a lot of love between the two but there's something that happened last night and it seems that no one has cared but I didn't! I feel very let down with Aleksa and her undercover sex with the new guy, sex or blowjob under the sheets and in the dark! This is unforgivable on the part of Aleksa who should already know that he is on VH and not in a children's school yard! I just hope it doesn't go on like this!
  14. What I still don't understand is what is Nikki doing with these two? Especially with the orangutan man who makes me so disgusting! The other day they had a strong fight with kicks and grabbing Nikki tightly because she didn't like me fucking Archie when he wasn't there and I still see him in this apartment and what's even worse, fucking Nikki again... simply disgusting! I just want these two to disappear now!
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