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Guest DavidandChloe

Current events commentary?  Where did it go?  Maybe Michelle Obama cut it out of the menu here at CC. Hey all you current event fanatics, I got a question about a semi-current event being thrown around. On a TV commercial a partially  intelligent question was purposed to all of us, "Where will you be when man first steps on Mars?"  Here is my comment on that....I will be dead and so will you. 

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I got rid of the current events. Because i was tired of seeing how racist and rude you are all being towards the african americans right now and what they are going through. You harass them because of their color and call them monkeys. To be honest it shames be to be a mod for such people like this and I was even thinking of leaving because i dont even want to be apart of a community where people think like that.

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This is the only place they can vent their frustrations. They don't control the media or the political institutions that insist on perpetuation the division of humans based on race, and they don't much appreciate always being blamed for the perceived ills of the US, and then being taxed to pay for it.

They are not burning their neighborhoods down. They are not killing themselves or black police officers. They are not destroying little businesses, or threatening big ones with boycotts in exchange for protection money (Can you say Rev. Jesse Jackson?) They're just pissed.

If some black or Muslim member of CC wants to call them out on it, I'm fine with that, and the post should stay.

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This thing of just childishly referring to those that hold blacks with a measure of distain as racist is just bogus on the face of it.

I for one don't have a problem with any other race of people who are willing to conduct themselves in a civil manner, and who don't go about setting fires to peoples business', or brings about a blight to whatever new neighborhood they move into.

Most every white person in this country is fair minded and welcoming to all other races in this same way.  They hold no animus towards the Asians, nor the Germans, even though we once fought a great war against that country, nor the Italians, or the Irish, or the British, or the French, or the Australians, or the Canadians, not even towards that of the Eskimo's.  So why is it that these same welcoming people aren't exactly wild about the blacks? 

Because over the years, even despite the liberal medias attempt to suppress certain news stories having to do with rape, and murder, and theft, and vandalism, and arson.  These white people have become aware of the problems and the dangers that the black race has wrought upon this country.

If they or I am racist, it is because of what that irresponsible race has brought upon itself.

I had a friend in Detroit that was a fireman before he retired.  He was the guy that sat at the back of one of those long hook and ladder trucks, who would help to steer it around the corners and such.

He once told me that they have a signal for him to sound through the horn that literally meant speed it up, they're shooting at me. 

No other race of people sets fires and then shoots at the firemen who come to put those fires out.  None of the other races of people I have mentioned would ever do such a thing!  It's almost inconceivable!

Hell, Seventy percent of them don't even have fathers!  Just what kind of people would hold themselves out in that way with regards to that of their own children?  Just how calloused and irresponsible would one have to be to do such a thing!  No other race of people I mentioned just abandons their kids in that way.

So no, as a whole I do not respect or like them much.  And as for those few among them that are good, decent, well mannered, moral people,.. What can I say, except that I honestly do feel sorry for them for the shame of what their own race has brought upon itself, leaving them to be in the eyes of so many here in this country as not only vulgar and irresponsible, but as also frankly dangerous as well. 

Tell me,.. Would you be on your guard or afraid to live around the French, or Germans?

So get off this fucking racist shit!  I for one never cared much to have to explain the obvious to adolescent simpletons who have no grasp of reality within this schoolyard mentality of theirs.   

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