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Rant: What the hell is it


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with these $%$#@@# smart phones.  Almost every lady in this site is on these dam things constantly.  It is written into their contract that they have to be texting at least 12 hours a day?  Dam!  I mean I know I have nothing else constructive to do with my  life but give me a break!  Even I communicate on more levels.  these girls absolutely live on these dam phones!  End of rant....

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I've seen guys acting like giggling little girls with these contraptions.  And I've seen girls taking it to the level of absolute absurdity.  They can't even go to the bathroom without texting their BFF all about it.

It's their life, and they can waste it any way they want.  But if I were a young man and some girl came by my place and then all but ignored me with her nose to that phone.  I would throw her and that fucking phone of hers right out the door. 

I guess you can see how I feel about this. >:( 

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This is a perfect topic for me because i say the same thing.I see these dumb people on smart phones and don't shut the fuck up,and they have to talk loud enough to let everyone know they have a phone and have someone to talk to.I don't own a portable phone and never have,and don't think i ever will,if i don't have to that is.And that is a great point about car accidents as people are stuck on the phone and forget they are driving,and some people own fast cars, and cars they can't ,or don't know how to drive in the first place.I suppose that's why they make cars that can drive themselves or let you know when you go out of the lanes,,,WTF !!,i say you shouldn't be driving if you need all this electronic shit in a car to help you.Ok,i got two rants in one post,lol,thanks. :o

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