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I have noticed on all the cams that they all take off their shoes when entering their apts. I was just wondering if this is a normal way of doing things in Europe? (I have never been there)

Europe? It's common in Australia and not with current generation migrants, but in some cases, direct descendants of the first convict ships that arrived in the 1780s.

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I don't, mainly because I have tile floors throughout the house. Carpeting and dogs leads to a stinky house.  :no:  Not here, we're clean freaks. But I have been to people's homes where they mandate shoes/sandals etc... be taken off. No complaint from me. Especially if the room is full of women with pretty feet.  :yes:

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Methinks it has something to do with ice and mud. These items trash floors and create slip hazards. Nearly all the old houses in "Back East" America have "mud rooms" or "entry ways" where outer wear can be shed before entering the house. In the Western US, where it it dry, many people do this as a custom to prevent sand building up in a new carpet or from scratching a hardwood floor.

You know the cute little Dutch "wooden shoes" that have become an icon for the Netherlands? It's because leather can't handle bogs and continued immersion.

I vote that it's a matter of environmental practicality, not necessarily some cultural fetish. And it's less housework to be done.

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