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plz help me


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all of us know younow web .. right ??

some of the girls there do some sexy stuff and get nude sometimes ...

i used to record some of them ..

im wondering if there a forum or a sight which has some videos of them !!!

thanx anyways ...

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I never heard of it either. After perusing the site, it appears many of the posters are age questionable. Not that I mind that, but I hope that no underage pictures are posted here.

Definitely a questionable site. There is really nothing there to verify the ages of the girls.

In this day and age they can look 20 and only be 15 or 16 at most.

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I just looked further into it and their are underage kids on the site.  It's just a video chat thing where you have to sign in with your Facebook, Twitter, Google or Inst-gram Account. No nudity or explicit nature is allowed.

It's one of those sites that you view at your own risk. Since this is an Adult Forum anything from that site can't be posted due to the fact of the age of some of the participants.

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hey guys !! calm down ..

ok most of the girls at that sights looks young but u can find old ladies too ,, i had chat with several ladies and they were like over 30 !!!!

between 20 -25 yo most of them !!!

in that sight girls open their own cam and start talking about some shitty stuff !!!

but as they wanna more viewer so they start acting  and wear sexy and sometimes get nude if the room got no mods !!!

Anyways thanx for the help

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