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The case for make-up

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In a previous post, I had said that while I thought some people would find White attractive, I did not.

However, when I saw her tonight, playing Twister and then on the settee, I thought 'Wow' this lady is hot.

In fact I would have no problem being with her (preferably horizontal)!

When they came home tonight, they went upstairs.

When White came back down, I thought it was her mother!

Not only was she almost totally unrecognisable from the earlier beauty we had seen,

but even her posture had changed. If you check the pics of the twister event,

you'll see her with her back and shoulders ramrod straight.

When I saw her in the kitchen tonight, her back was bent and her shoulders hunched.

My point here is that although many of us prefer the natural look, there are times when make-up

not only enhances a person's looks, but it also seems to have a physiological effect on their whole


In other words, Make-up, hair done, nice clothes =  :drool: :drool:

                        No make-up, awful hair, t-shirt & baggy pants =  :yikes: :yikes:

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As they say: "there are no ugly people, only poor people"

Agreed, this is the first time I've seen White looking really attractive. Then again, that's just my personal preference. There will be people who find her naturally attractive, and for her sake, I hope she is confident in her natural looks, but you seem to have a point... made and dressed up, she seems a lot more confident and assured.

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for me i like a girl who doesnt wear makeup that way you can see her beauty if a girl wears alot of make up for me shes hiding something she doesnt want you to see.for example kami and kristy and nora and rita they looked good without makeup.

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