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Because of a new feature of this newly formated website,there seems to now be a 5 Pm/hour limit to the amount of Pms that someone can send within an hour.

Because of that new feature it has basically killed the private conversations between members,and if you are someone like me who talks to multiple people at the same time,You can just imagine how quickly you use those 5 Msgs up.

I decided to just make this topic for myself and anyone who was talking in a Pm and went past their limits,,,,and just like with me,you don't want the other person to think that you are blowing them off or ignoring them,It's really frustrating especially if you both were talking about something that was time sensitive,funny or very important.

You can come here to let the other person know that you received their messages but could not reply,You could also answer their inquiries/questions "IN CODE" so that the other person can get the answer without anyone else knowing what you guys were talking about,,,or you could just say a simple "Yes" or "No".Or elaborate if you want to do so.

Until this new feature gets fixed or changed we could all come here to let the other person/persons know that you received their message,all in one location because if you told them that you missed it in the other threads they probably will miss it in the crowd of comments.

Thanks Mikey!!

:hi: :hi: :welcome: :woohoo:

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