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Any lesbian action going to happen???

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I don't know which girl is which but they are laying on the couch and one is caressing the other.  I wonder if anything else will happen.

You seem to be new so I wouldn't expect you to know, but nothing sexual will ever happen between these two girls. Ever. Do not wish for it. You'll only disappoint yourself.

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On 6.3.2016 at 9:29 AM, davesmith707 said:

its never going to happen guys they are not lesbians!

I agree. ... ? ... Just why there are always caressing each other. ... ? ... I mean, when so many here say this is a real apartment. ... Should then this behavior not be real too? ... ? ... So it seams there are two possibilities:

  • Not real ... teasing only ... apartment  ... ? ... or
  • Lesbians ... who deny their passion ... ?

I do not know. ? ... ? ... Maybe they just want to find a few new viewers. ... ?

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Just maybe there is a third option, Mr. Box. They are not lesbians, they are the closest girl friends in history and maybe just maybe, one of them might want to make love and the other definitely wants to stay hetero. And the one who wants it is willing to accept the rules placed by the other because she is a good friend!

I agree with Miscvoyeur that action may never happen. I am one who would like to see it because I think they deny their true love, but I don't expect it to happen. And if did, they probably would not show us!

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Contrary to how many people want to find simplistic explanations for things, I believe life is so much more complicated! Motives are tied together, emotions confuse things, people sometimes don't even know what they want or deny it to themselves. There is reason why there are psychiatrists or psychologists in the world!

Try not  to think you can know what goes on their heads! We can speculate, but admit to ourselves that it is just speculation.

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