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So..... when does our princess shave?

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I have been studying Leora for the purposes of "understanding human behavior" (yeah...that's it! LoL!!!) for years now. I have been wondering about something; I have NEVER seen Leora shave....anything! Has anyone else (don't lie now)? When does she shave those armpits, or legs, or that BABY SMOOTH pussy? Seriously, most girls who shave, do this in the bath/shower...like daily, or at least every few days. Has Russia bred women that don't grow hair anywhere but on the head? If so, why have I not heard about this development? Why, this is bigger news that Putin stealing and stashing billions in offshore accounts, or war with Ukraine, or any other news from Sovietland, isn't it? Maybe they have their own "Area 51" for secret developments the world hasn't even thought about! Except it would probably be called "Area 69" there...those silly Ruskies!

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If she has in fact had hair removal surgery for the purposes of The Leora Show, it's one more thing her 'agent' negotiated for her, (hardly think she or Paul are smart enough to control reallifecam.com); along with the fab apartment, free tv, internet and they both have very nice smartphones.unlimited wardrobe, (You see Paul in rags most of the time), Leora dresses like a queen. 

 She done well to keep the viewers riveted to her narcissistic personality. 

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I was just wondering this myself recently. So I watched solely for understanding the "human behavior of course" my guess is when she's in the bathroom for a long time out of camera view, occasionally you'll get a glimpse of her on camera 5 standing at the sink momentarily then out of view again. My guess she shaves by the toilet and then walks over to the sink rinses off razor and then continues to shave. Either that or she's taking one hell of dump.

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29 minutes ago, daemon said:

she goes to the salon to the hair removal, she said the last time about it with a friend.

She might go to the salon from time to time, but I don't know that she really goes there often enough to account for that consistent silky smoothness we've all cum to appreciate! I've seen her in her apartment for days (when she's sick or other times), and not a single hair dares appear. So I'm not so sure about that theory...but maybe. I'm leaning towards the bathroom out of view of the camera explanation. (Although we should not dismiss the secret Russian "Area 69" experiments theory either!)

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