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What couple is this?


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They were only there for a short while in 2013. First occupants of this apartment and first lesbian couple on RLC. The big girl cheated on the little one and the relationship fell apart. There is an Archive file for them in CC. The video links are probably dead, but a few pictures remain.

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12 hours ago, thatblackguyy said:

Thanks, I don't think I've ever seen a picture or video of them before

There is Videos and Pictures in the Archives of them but all the content posted was uploaded as attachments on the Cam Caps server and requires a Premium Membership to view the contents.

There was regular content on them when they first started on Third Party Upload Servers but all that content was removed shortly after it was posted by DMCA Takedown requests on those servers.

That Couple was on RLC less than 2 Months so their stay was short lived.

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35 minutes ago, TBG 150 said:

That was when I first found RLC. CC came along a bit later. I wasn't here at it's inception.

By the looks of the Archives there was only 2 Apartments when Cam Caps started but I believe RLC has been around before Cam Caps got started. There was likely couples before the ones that show in the Arcives but there is just no record of who they were.

Someone who has been on RLC since the start might be able to fill in the before info if there was any couples before Maria & John.

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47 minutes ago, TroyTempest said:

When I first found RLC there were 4 Russian apartments. Maria and John, Lora and Max, Olga and Sergey, Alina and Anton.

I'm a premium member - where do I find all these attachments?

Attachment Center: https://camcaps.net/?app=dp41attachmentscenter         Use the Filter Tab to sort the type whether it be Image or Video

RLC Archives: https://camcaps.net/forums/forum/22-reallifecamcom-archive/   Most of the Apartments rather than go through page after page looking, the Archived Pictures and Archived Videos are at the top in each apartment which are Pinned and Labelled for easy access.  The oldest ones that have been gone the longest will appear at the bottom of the archives and the newer ones that haven't been in there as long will be upwards toward the top part.  There should be 30 Past Apartments all together. 

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