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pissed off


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okay now i am pissed off paying subscription one couple on vacation now to apartments closed for maitience wtf is going on fix this sight give us more content to view or give us a discount for all this bullshit

E-mail at RLC camcaps has nothing to do with RLC…

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You're right! They should lock all the apartments so they can't go any where.

And take away all their clothes so they have to walk around nude all day.

And the sheets & blankets so they can't have any sex in private.

Hell, they should make all the girls wear a camera on their thigh so we can have a pussy shot all day long.

Then they can rewire the world so there won't be any more connection problems or maintenance needs.

After all, we're paying almost a dollar a day to watch these people, and I want my money's worth damn it!

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I have no idea of the rent cost in Spain and Russia. But here, for a 2 BR apartment in a decent area you'll pay over $1000/month. RLC is running 7 apts. Supposedly for free to the tenants. They want to charge you $30/mo to watch.

My brain may be a bit alcohol fuzzed at the moment, but they have to turn a lot of PAYING customers to break even, let alone make any kind of profit to hire someone or a group of people to watch over the nutcases from this board.

So chill. Are you that desperate to see a nude body? 1/3 of the web is porn. Go watch some.  ::)

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Hi i complained to RCL about the site being down and they refunded my payment

Then banned you, right?  :-\

the nutcases from this board.

That's Mr. Nutcase to you, pal!

Sheesh. Another legend in his own mind.  ;)

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