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The Perfect Butt


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Well here's the formula:


(Shape + Circularity) * (Bounce + Firmness)


Texture - (Hips/Waist)

All the scores should be 1-20 with a perfect hips to waist ratio being 0.7.

Looks like nonsense to me. I'd like to see some worked examples. 

The perfect score is suppose to be 80. Now get 1600 for the first 4 then the T-(Hips/Waist) >= 20 and I don't know how that works!!!! 


Unfortunately we can't test the (B+F) of the RLC girls with any accuracy - much as I'd like to volunteer for the job, it sadly doesn't exist. For me the crucial score is C

Maybe there's a formula for breasts. Just got a feeling there's a certain user who would give Leora a very low score for T ... but surely low T = high score!!!

Kylie's butt in the "Spinning Around" video is tough to beat. When she was on a show after the video was released she got on the table and asked the presenter to check it out just in case he thought that it wasn't real.

Also Jessica Alba's on the beach was a bit special as was Leora's up until a few month's ago - still pretty special though.

BTW Americans Kylie is of the Minogue variety. 

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I'm sure that there has to be more than one type of perfect butt. I see them in all ways except walking down the street naked. Just remember, that even the thread of a thong bikini can make that oh so perfect butt shake and wiggle the wrong way. Living here in South Florida, we see prime examples of the perfect butt all day long on the beautiful white sands beaches. I sometime wonder why wear anything at all. These bikinis are nothing but colored threads now.  Mmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We know who Kylie is BB. That is a majorly fine specimen there.

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