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Last Night's Party & Beardy

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I posted this in the other apartment because it seems people just weren't watching.

You guys all watched the party last night.

Did you not see him talk to the girls one by one in th laundry room?  

Did you not seem control the lighting?

Did you not seem bring in the candles?

This guy is either RLC, their go between in Barcelona, or their manager?

There was not one iota of spontaneity in last night's event. It was totally controlled by him and I repeat

Did you not see him talk to the girls one by one in the laundry room? 

If you think he is some guy Lola plucked off the street then you are probably willing to believe anything.

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Having said that I did enjoy last night. The massages even with bad lighting and planned were erotic. I was having a lot of Belle and Megan fantasies especially when the pair were being massaged and like I said before I think if they got together they could be the new K&K.

Belle is a fun girl like Kristy - not as sweet but probably dirtier - and Megan who i think is better looking and with a better body is relatively quiet but not too resistive - no she is not as pretty as Kami (how could she be?) but looks like she prefers to be 1-on-1 rather than in a group where she sometimes looks like she is left out.

I did leave for a while because Masha and Sasha were in fine form albeit in B&W.

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Guest beaver67
7 minutes ago, phantomcapsnet said:

i had made this assumption 19hours ago


phantom- well Nora and Kiko have left spain- maybe he is Nora's/Kiko's replacement ????????

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