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After Big Brother UK many girls go on to make videos when naked and frolicking around nothing hardcore but enough to show us all they have got. They use BB to not display nudity so it is worth more when they are out.

Sadly RLC girls do not have the same, if only temporary fame as I doubt if the audience is 4 million, but (and I really doubt this) that it could be a motivation for the covering up so they up their price when they perform in beautiful detailed well lit glory.

If those girls (well especially My Belle as you know I would watch anything with her in) were willing to reproduce that night without the covers and the light on, I would be willing to pay a lot of money to see it, so long as Stella doesn't get in the way but she would not as there would be more cameras. Yes it is not going to happen but if we all wish hard enough. BTW had this been Big Brother at the peak of the lads mags era, the offers would have come flooding in and I think the girls would earn well clear of 6 figures between them.

In the future after they have left please keep an eye open for anything My Belle does and let me know. 

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