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Favorite Barc girls

Foamy T. Squirrel

Favorite girl in the Barcelona all-girls apartments  

62 members have voted

  1. 1. Of the current line-up of young ladies, which one is your favorite girl in the Barcelona 1 and Barcelona 2 apartments?

    • Belle
    • Milena
    • Lima
    • Lola
    • Carolina
    • Stella

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Let's face the fact: These two apartments contribute to 90% of the sexual frustration, adolescent angst, testicle explosions, and food fights on CamCaps.

Thank god these girls don't discuss American politics when they're together.

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il y a 15 heures, mousseuse T. Squirrel a dit:

filles Barc2 ont un handicap: la plupart de nos membres sont des bâtards bon marché et ne peut pas regarder les appartements entièrement premium.

(Non à penser que je ne suis pas dans ce groupe. :dodgy::biggrin:)


comme vous avez dit

ces vrais que les non membres ne peux pas voir l'autre appartement ios_emoji_emoticone_pleurer_face.png

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23 hours ago, BBsq69 said:

I met the Milena vote is really an anti-me vote.

As Belle's biggest supporter, I think some post pro-Milena stuff to wind me up sometimes even mentioning me in the hope of a reaction. Plus I said bet instead of met and here I've quoted myself instead of the respondent.

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Well folks, circumstances have pretty much made this poll useless.  I always thought she was kinda cute, but her non-subscribing RLC fans will be heart-broken, except for our Barc2 threads.

Poll is now officially locked, but no doubt we'll see a new version popping up in the near future, and Jasmine will do will I hope. Thanks for voting!

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