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  1. lol, spoke too soon. B1 LR1 is now open. I guess they decided to keep doing it. Well, I ain't complaining, just enjoying the ride
  2. Seems like everything is back to normal. No more random free cams, all previous free cams are again free and the premium thumbnails are back to their normal blurriness.
  3. mmh, sounds like they're very aware of it. I guess they're being informed on which cam is free
  4. Yes. It's the second time it happens. Now it's a bit better cuz the closet is closed and the mirror goes all the way. Still not a very good angle, lol.
  5. that seems a bit counter productive. They should want to draw attention exactly the the locked ones.
  6. I'm just wondering what exactly they're doing. Is it random? It doesn't feel random. It feels like it has some rhyme and reason. I'm not sure it has the desired effect though. It really just makes me curious which room they'll open next. Makes it feel interesting. What I don't like is that they basically reduced the premium thumbnails to Rorschach paintings
  7. Feels kinda random in Voyeur House as well, but now in RLC it feels like the person in charge of it is like
  8. mmh, guess they opened it as mistake while closing everything else. I hope I didn't alert them by writing it here. They're probably sick of having so many freeloaders on their site. They did reopen Masha and Gina's living room though.
  9. RLC has strangely decided to open Pam's room to freeloaders and close many other rooms
  10. What's up with all the naked ping ping in the kitchen? Find a new schtick
  11. And now the apartment is gone. About time, I suppose, with Lolly long gone. @StnCld316 time to archive it, I suppose
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