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The Perfect Body


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Yes I know what you fancy is a matter of taste but in terms of perfect tits and arse that is a more shall we say scientific study. Ones for which the arse matches the tits and who curve in and out from the waist perfectly. I am not entirely convinced about one of my choices below but the first 2 I think are without question incredible examples of womanhood. I post on this on New Girl Nicole but it is too general.

Only 3 perfect girls for me so far on RLC (and I know this going to sound strange but that doesn't mean that I don't fancy Belle's, Ilona's or Jess's bodies more)

The Goddess - she just is so perfect.

Megan - incredible design but more closely packed

Nicole - has a very similar arse to Belle but more conventionally good looking tits (I am beginning to think she might be a pixie after all especially with some of the naughty looks to the camera she is giving)

I would like to add that Jasmin is very very close and I think she has tthe most incredible tits, even beating Megan's but I think her arse juts out a bit too much and could do with being rounder like Kristy's who like My Belle is very close to the list but her upper body doesn't look quite womanly enough.

There may be others - I think about Stesha but I have not really examined her carefully as I think her best feature like Kami also close, is her beautiful face so I guess I don't reach the rest of her body - but I can't really think of any just now.

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