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Why closing threads were you could also ban people for a few hours or days?


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18 minutes ago, Thestarider said:
24 minutes ago, MrBox said:

... but why punish everyone and not just the people doing the insults?

There is a place for these type of questions and it is not on this thread, this thread is what is happening in the Barcelona 1 apartment only ! BACK ON TOPIC PLEASE

Today i learned from Harly that people in this forum get banned limited in time. I really like this idea, because it give time to relax and get a new serenity. :)

So, why are threads closed even when there are clearly just a few people having a fight (or insult others). 


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We do it at our discression, and it is the most effective tool we have to get the food fighting stopped, as you have seen even though someone gets banned that does not stop them from flamebaiting ot causing food fights. When a food fight starts it just like a food fight in a cafeteria, one throws the first piece of food and two more retaliate, then before long there are ten people involved, you have seen how it becomes at times in the political thread Mr. Box, Now maginfy that by the amount of people posting in the Barce threads and you can see why the tool is so effective. 

The Mods have a great deal of work to do everyday in this forum with all the threads we have availible to post in and we monitor them all. so locking the thread until we have time to go back and read the posts in that thread, gives us to time discern who started the whole thing and how to approiately deal with that person independently.

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Look at this picture. Can you say who started it? Do you think some others might be culpable for participating? Which ones are Premium? (They take a little more work). We have to deal with this on damn near a daily basis, but fortunately most of our veteran mature members don't like food fights either. For everybody else, there's Rants & Flames.




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