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    • Stas,
      Your girlfriend licked another man's chest. I don't know, you know?

      (Watching Stas' face for the first time is more exciting than watching Clara's behavior)

      everyone wrote that D & C had sex for the first time while someone else watched. But for the first time, except for an old deception, Clara had a sexual approach to another man in front of Stas. Please don't tell me this is a little game. In this girl there will come, she can be a star and needs to be liberated.





    • 8 hours ago, golfer06 said:

      alphabetic order would be best. other than that i don't understand why everyone keeps complaining about scrolling with the thumbnails.

      I don´t understand why everyone don´t keeps complaining about not scrolling with the app. list !

    • 3 hours ago, dh2995 said:


      Now there's one for the VH Funnies. Sorry, Dana, but that face is priceless.
      You look like you just got poked by an electric cattle prod. 😁

    • 13 minutes ago, ashleyxyz said:

      Good question  hes always got her bent over. 

      I bet she does. 

      Another question, does she make any attempts to make her boobs look bigger? Has she ever used tape or wrapped them or used makeup shadowing? I'm sure ahe has a ton of push up bras. 

      ....and while I'm at it, has she even grown a bush? 

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      hey nack...are you there??
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      Hey Amy, I know on this site, any controversy or questioning gets swept under the carpet a lot of the times, but....I appreciate how vocal you are about things you don’t like or things you deem as unfair. It’s quite refreshing. ...when a lot of others are busy thinking about sex, sex, sex and get so upset if there is a possibility of anything that prevents viewing any of it even though none of these places are long term and there will always be other options to replace them...I like that you aren’t like that. You are Amy——zing!!!!! Lol! 
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    • ooopel

      Give me a whisperer,say anything .. !!
        Let hope grow,
        in my heart and live .. !!
        Let fear go,doesn't come back to me .. !!
       Let your sun awaken my feelings .. !!
      My sensations always,just for you it will remain warm .. !!
       oh,just whispering in my heart, 
       Sir even if you lying to me .. !!
      Don't let my feelings stand on the door of your heart,
       for long time confusing..!!
      Give me a whisperer .. !!
       Oh,say me anything .. !!
        Let your heart speak even if you lie to me.. !!
      Signature:ooopel{ for someone}
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