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    • 1 hour ago, Alladino said:

      I didn't know the story. 

      Anyway, Anabelle and Efim were one of the best couples before RLC deleted all the Russian apartments. 


      I don't think there was any violence. The relationship just ended with a lot of drama and tears. 

      Alladino: you are correct. There was some apparently forceful anal, but basically Efim treated Diana like crap and was prone to fucking any chick he could sink his cock into. It was primarily psychological abuse.

      Diana was way too good for him, anyway, and she was way too good for RLC.

      Alladino is correct, although I was was more fond of Diana. I hope Anabelle can keep Efim from ruining her life. He's somehow got some mystical charisma or talent that allows him to be a scoundrel with women at times.


      (Hopefully we can discuss this without insulting each other. That's just a Mod hint for a couple of you other guys. I'm too tired to edit or remove comments without getting unhappy.)

    • 54 minutes ago, StnCld316 said:

      I don't know if you are using a Google Chrome Browser or not but it seems to have issues on Video Screens.  They keep issuing those Automated Updates but never inform anyone of the changes that could happen.  Just wish they'd find a browser without all those unwanted updates.  Google is getting as bad as Microsoft.

      Must admit i am finding Microsoft Edge is getting very good and am using it more and more. I use the beta version which is updated regulary but it is updated without you knowing so you don't have to check for any updates. they reckon the final version will be released in January but currently i find it works extremely well. 

    • On 11/11/2019 at 7:28 PM, DUM_STOP said:

      Sicher nicht  - langweilig wie immer  !!


      21 hours ago, DUM_STOP said:

      Zeiten ändern sich. Früher spielten Menschen "Mensch ärgere dich nicht" oder "Monopoly", haben sich - 

      unterhalten und hatten großen Spass zusammen. Heute starren "Kinder" ohne Pause auf ihr "Smartphone"

      (auch beim Sex - irgendwie pervers !!) und werden täglich mehr einsam und unsozial und mehr traurig und frigide ?

      "Hightech" ist nicht immer ein Segen für Menschen. Technik kann helfen und schaden gleichzeitig. 😁

      "Voyeur"-Seiten gibt es nicht mehr und "Pornoseiten" wie RLC, VHTV und andere stehen vor dem Abgrund.


      Ich erfreue mich über meinen intelligenten Papagei. meine zahmen Frösche im Teich, Musik alter Meister,

      meine Frau, die Opernsängerin ist - kurz, ich freue mich über "Natur" - so "Exhibitionisten" sind nur "Zweit-Spaß"

      und Grund zum lachen. 


      16 hours ago, DUM_STOP said:

      Danke für die tolle Aussage. Sie haben verstanden. Nicht alles so ernst nehmen, jeder freut sich auf seine Art. Damit können doch ALLE gut leben,

      denke ich. 😊

      Mein humorvoller Vater sagte gerne: "Aus einem verkniffenen Arsch kommt kein fröhlicher Furz"! (Entschuldigung)  😁

      Your sentences seem to created by someone thinks in English.

      Are you using a translator ???


    • 1 hour ago, StnCld316 said:

      There are times when one has to take matters into their own hand.


      even a lucky guy like Jules does that ... not so often though :) 

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