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    • 14 minutes ago, Aussie_oi_oi said:

      Can a woman with child feel and act sexy?

      Yes very much so especially in the first few months of pregnancy, at least that’s what I’ve found. btw I like Nora’s new hair style; makes her look quite butch. I seem to recall she did have a fancy for the female flesh when she returned briefly when b4 opened; let’s hope for more of the same but with whom 🤔

    • 32 minutes ago, budda said:

      I do not think a new apartment can improve the level of entertainment that Em, Bob and Sia have offered to us until today.
      It is useless to have a larger apartment if they never invite friends;
      It is useless to have a brighter apartment if you close the curtains and / or turn off the lights;
      It is useless to have a flat with well-positioned cameras if them are not considered when having sex;
      It is useless to have a new apartment if the sex remains boring, monotonous and always very fast.

      Said very nicely.

    • LOL I knew you wouldn't look at the camera but your laughing at reading the comments was great.