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    • 4 minutes ago, Sparkles said:

      Don't you know that women never tested others bra's ??? :biggrin:  If they do, it's because they want to fool their guys to think they are fucking another woman  

      TBH I believe Domi is probably one of the smart ones on VHTV . why would she come up with a trick that stupid ?😃 just give the girl some credit. 

    • you know when they was on rlc i had not really the envy to watch them but here on VH yes for the moment

    • 7 minutes ago, Amy3 said:

      That barely makes any sense, but if you mean to say something nasty to me, I say go for it all the way. Be ready for the retort though. 😬

      Amy, we get it, you don't like these two girls for some reason that only you know and have decided to "educate" the majority of us who like to give people a chance, even a second chance on occasions, before passing judgement. I know your opinion is very important to you and I respect your right to voice it but I also hope you will respect my right to form my own opinion after giving them a couple of weeks to settle in.

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    • 1 minute ago, life+90 said:



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