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  1. Yeah, grabbed it flipped the lid and chugged. Jules home maybe 15 min and she'd killed about 1/3 of it. Something does seem to be off.
  2. Yay! @Folivora Glad to see you folks back. hope everything is going well.
  3. And a beauty as well. 🙂 Seems to get along Okay so far with Butch and Sundance.
  4. Well if those 2 were staring at you like that you'd poop too!
  5. I roll up over here to see what's going on. Suddenly I think I've plonked down in the middle of a sketch with Messrs. Cleese, Idle, and Jones.
  6. Красота сияет изнутри. Экстерьер отражает интерьер.
  7. Oh My!!! Looks like it's the home waxing torture treatment for Kira!
  8. They are Beautiful! So it balances out.... And really not so bad, there are and have been many much less attractive places. My guess is the location works better for them.
  9. Yay! So good to see them back, and happy.
  10. Not to mention there's an ISP involved. And if it's a new install, we all know how how that can go. Hurry up and wait.....
  11. True, and fair enough. I was forgetting that she does as well sometimes. I maybe I was answering the, perhaps, implied question of their being on CC Interactively. Some other VH participants regularly show up and chat on the forum.
  12. Not that we know of. Nina is rumored to view sometimes, but Does Not Post or communicate via CC. At least as far as I am aware.
  13. Check in their thread for info, it's currently under Off-line Apartments. I haven't reached out to them personally, but other regulars have. As for the apt not getting the "relocating" listing, the apt was renamed but kept the same realm # (84). This is the same realm # it had with the previous occupants. While they may be moving to a new apt, this one is just getting new occupants. I'd guess the new apt will come up as Realm 83, the same as their previous apt, or realm 85 which was used for the other apt they managed for a while.
  14. N & K are setting up in a new place. They should be back on from there in a day or two.
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