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  1. As well they should. Boris is a fucking Buffoon, and head of government of a state with nukes. Think about That for a moment. Absolutely Horrifying!!!!
  2. Sorry Rob. If you understand you don't have to ask. If you have to ask, you'll never understand.....
  3. As strange as this will sound, after watching them for 5+ years, I think it's more to do with Kira than Nina. I don't think Nina is as much of a "Pillow Princess" as many seem to think. I think it's more a case of Kira being a "Stone Top". ie: she gets off by giving, and rubbing/humping up against. She doesn't seem to like penetration much at all. Kira has gotten it from Nina, and good, sometimes over the years. And Nina Does Try from time to time, Kira just flips her over most of those times.
  4. I'll make it easy for you Ashley. Kira has teardrop/pears, Nina has fried eggs/ pancakes. Don't get me wrong, Love them all in their infinite shapes and sizes. Oh, in Budda's last post Kira is lying facing down towards the camera.
  5. Resting the "Offended Bits" on the cool tile of the floor no doubt. 😁
  6. YIKES!!! I've waxed or helped a few women. I've never done a nipple, Tweezed, sure but wax a nipple?
  7. Yes, she truly is indeed that. The dress is but the icing on the cake. Her own inner beauty, is what really makes it worthy of notice. She could be dressed in a potato sack and her light would still shine through.
  8. No idea what the arguing was about but have to say that Kira looks magnificent in that dress.
  9. Actually, I thought he was here for the abuse. Arguments is one of those other apartments.
  10. Currently offline. Hope it's just a tech issue.....
  11. Posing with tough girl face on for photo..... 😊
  12. Same here. More, in fact, than we had all last year. 😄
  13. Still too little to do any damage. In a few months???? That will get interesting.😄
  14. Yeah, I've noticed a goodly number of hangs tonight.
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