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  1. Somehow I don't think they are members of the Polar Bear Club.
  2. @letsdothis 2 Cellos would be my guess as well.
  3. Haven't listened all the way through yet. but the first piece is Suite #1 in G for Cello, J.S. Bach. "An easy piece to learn to play, badly. A lifetime to master and truly play well". Can't remember if it was Casals, Rostropovich, or Yo Yo Ma who said that. I've heard Ma play it in person and up close. He's sublime, she's certainly started into the learning to play it well phase. First the Prelude, Allemande and the Courante. Then a bit of some other Bach I can recognize but not place. On to the Tchaikovsky. Now back to the Suite in G, Sarabande
  4. Hardly alone Squish, and she plays very well, beside being quite lovely herself. And a decent sounding instrument to boot, despite the crap mics, if a bit overpowering for the room.
  5. And if the issue is also on the inbound side, with packets dropped from the apts to vhtv distro servers? Yep, we be boned, those are lost forever.
  6. I doubt Goog, AWS, CloudFront. Bluecloud, Azure etc would have them. Due to the nature of the content.... Mid-range moderately sketchy porn hoster + CDN like CloudFlare/Akamai is probably the best the can do. Assuming the are willing/able to pay for the CDN.
  7. Angel, she's the blonde one with the big tat on her back. Odri is the brunette with the Minni Mouse tat on her hand and the full sleeve tat.
  8. I don't think there was any actual sex going on back there, just smoking, and making out. This apt doesn't have a loggia. So the smokers resort to opening the kitchen window and going behind the curtain to smoke. The sex happened, under the covers, between the smoking visits, I'll try and add a pic later I'm away from my desktop ATM.....
  9. And to you and yours as well! 🎄
  10. Sorry Jabs, but that hasn't been true for some time now. You keep making that assertion, but Sienna has been showering at the apt regularly now.
  11. Just beautiful! That's our girl
  12. Rossy and one of the new girls over at N&K's having some fun playing video games. Is that Chivas and Coke?!!? 😧 What a horrible thing to do to half-way decent Whiskey. 😲 No accounting for taste I guess🤣
  13. Rossy & Sienna 12/7 10:00 Bedroom Morning fun, Massage & Finger banging. Thanks
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