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  1. I don't post comments in here any longer due to my ending my subscription. however, this one time I will. i quit paying because , well.. no action in L & M's apartment. Ok, they bate what, twice a week. massage once a month? No sex. Here is a solution to this ongoing very boring problem ALL subscribers should consider, QUIT PAYING FOR A MONTH! ALL OF YOU! One month. Then send a letter (Email) to RLC explaining why you stopped paying. I.E. No action in L & M's apartment. I guarantee you RLC WILL make a drastic change IF you quit paying! To continue to pay, tells RLC you like what you se
  2. I thought that was the same guy. He got drunk and passed out on the couch last time he was there.
  3. There is a 99.999% chance there will not be a 3 some, but we are all clinging to that 0.001%
  4. Question is, who is he there for.. or is he just a passing guest?
  5. These 2 girls are edging closer and closer to having sex, but taking a very long time (months) getting there
  6. I can no longer view RLC, hopes someone does record this
  7. And hotter... WOW! (Image Content No Longer Available)
  8. And it keeps getting hotter (Image Content No Longer Available)
  9. 2 wonderful asses that need spanked, and fucked (Image Content No Longer Available)
  10. Ok, sorry! fuck guys, I work, so I DON'T sit here 20 hours a day 7 days a week staring at their apartment. lighten up! Ask a simple question I get jumped.
  11. I just got home, logged in to RLC to see Leora in the shower washing her pussy. From the chit chat in here, I take it she didn't bate today, but .. was she out with her boyfriend? And might that explain the sudden need to wash down there?
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