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  1. Emily is back and pack her things. It now seems to be over between the two of them. Emily
  2. Thank you 🙂 I didn't even recognize her with the short hair.
  3. New Girl. Does anyone know who she is? I see her for the first time today https://ibb.co/sQjwfsQ https://ibb.co/y4WzwCB https://ibb.co/x6fZdgs
  4. At Kira and Emely it really "banged" this afternoon in terms of relationships. In their relationship it seems to be really trickling ... Emily was there for a moment and the two of them yelled at each other properly as soon as I could hear it. Emily was gone yesterday. I'm curious how it goes between the two of them.
  5. I don't like the guy with the ponytail ... He's a pompous man ... Totally unsympathetic ... The one who showed up again ... I would have put him out of the door immediately. He's totally out of place in the apartment ... As long as he's there, I won't look at this apartment again for the time being.
  6. Nothing is going on in the apartment either. Since Caro and Selina and Angelo left, almost nothing works and you can hardly see anything of Amber and Dane. It got really boring ...
  7. You should send him straight away to the desert
  8. Has this girl ever visited them or was it the first time today?
  9. That's really boring there ... This trolling around is just annoying ...
  10. Really bad show ... There are some who believe that it is real. But it's not ... They are all so lost in the apartment 😂
  11. Amber likes to make out with other girls. I think amber is hot and I like your body and your breasts
  12. Caro seems to be gone too. What a booth there ... what a puff
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