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  1. So a new one that he fucked. Number 10 on my list.
  2. Mr. B has visitors. Who's with him? Questiongirl?
  3. Mr.B. can't get enough. I feel sorry for the women he fucks with.
  4. Thank you. Mr.B can't leave it. Today he even fucked 2 girls. If I consider how many girls fucks ... I think his life is just different girls fucking and working
  5. Mr.B fuck a Girl on the Sofa. I don't know who that is now.
  6. Well, Tina got something between her legs. I hope this guy fucks her really often.
  7. 19:53 Mrs. Red is in the apartment. She looks a bit bored and Mr.B is in the bathroom
  8. I think AsianGirl is lazy. I don't see through this aunt and I think she's just awesome at Mr.B's big cock and everything else doesn't seem to interest her.
  9. The time comes when everything will catch up with him
  10. 7:27 Mr.B fucks AsianGirl without a condom and he uses QuestionGirl's lubricant. What a fool. Attacks property of strangers. Hopefully this fool will finally be exposed.
  11. Both are lying on the sofa and sleeping. Mr.B has a varied and dangerous sex life
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