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  1. We also have nothing against the fact that guests may want some money. However, you are making incorrect statements, which in this case I cannot ignore, since almost every guest of ours came only because of our hospitality and the Beverley charm, and not because we offered them something.
  2. Thank you for your opinion, but you must understand that today was even more than we expected without clickbaits. After consulting, we decided that we should stop responding to you, leave the forum, and allow you to Express the opinion you want to Express without a response from us. Because no matter how hard we try, do, or offer something new, Many of you still see us from the bad side. Although we always try to take your opinion into account and the further process does not always depend on us. Whether we want to or not. We decided to leave the forum and stop responding to you and many
  3. for those who understand Russian, I asked if they somehow continue or want to sleep, the girl chose to sleep 😅
  4. you are mistaken. we made a big fuss in the city about it. So it's very reasonable that people don't want to participate in this anymore. Although, it really depends on the friendship with this or that person, some we were able to convince, some not.
  5. thanks to the media scandal, these girls no longer agree to anything
  6. кубик. человек/часть тела/ действие. Каждый человек бросает три раза, все вещи написаны от одного до шести.
  7. she said Yes. But you know yourself that many of them don't come any more😅😅
  8. I can admit that today it is entirely because of Beverly, her credit for the fact that the guest has become liberated
  9. she is glad that she had her first experience with a strap-on from her side
  10. we are waiting for the girl who is coming now. While the broadcast of the Champions League, PSG-Atalanta. We love football and basketball😅
  11. yeah, the dishes weren't washed. like adult girls😅 or just decided to find a reason to leave
  12. in fact, they are unlikely to be interesting, but their reason, according to them, is a quarrel with mother
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